New Helmet & Pants for tomorrow ???

From @reppact Twitter feed:

Herb Z mentioned the Als new WHITE helmets for this weekend vs TO. Anyone known about these?

@MTLAlouettes any chance of a sneak peek look at the new white helmets?

@ MTLAlouettes answer:

The best we can tell you right now is to stay tuned for tomorrow night! (Look out for the pants as well)

With the exception of "retro" uniforms, I am not in favour of changing uniforms. Over the last four or more years, I have seen the Als in an least 4 different versions of their uniform, home and away.

The Canadiens hockey team wore a number of different uniforms last year, but that was in celebration of their 100th anniversary.

The uniforms, pads and equipment, must, of course, evolve with technology, but I think teams should stick with a single uniform, with the exception mentioned above. This allows home teams, I believe, to identify with their team and the colours, logos, become symbolic of the CFL teams for years to come.

Got a reply from Herb Z.

Tim: Everything remains the same except the colour. It's now white, not silver.



I agree...I don't like the idea of the als changing their helmets..
One change I would like, is replace the silver pants with blue trianle with silver pants and thick blue stripe down the length of the pant leg.

But that wouldn't drastically change the als look, which I think is pretty classic.

With the Canadien away game on the same time on RDS last night, I can not help thinking that the Alouette organization tries to be more bleu-blanc-et-rouge. With the exception of the Habs' blue short, the color arrangements looked rather similar.

Are the disco helmet and pants gone for good ?

The white helmets are alright, but I still prefer if they held on to the 70s era dark blue helmets.It looked more bold and mature.Like a vintage dark blue Trans Am. Perhaps for the home games?