New Headcoach is....Mike Kelly

Confirmed today....the worst kept secret in the league....I hope Kelly does well....he has a lot of work to do...qb.situation ...getting fas' back in the fold...09 starts now .. :thup: Good Luck Mike.... :thup:

Interesting, papa, that the rumours of Matt Dunigan and/or Khari Jones coming in as offensive coordinator proved unfounded, and that Kelly is going to be OC as well. Too much for one guy to handle? Well it was for Dunigan in Calgary........but it hasn't been for Trestman in Montreal (Milanovich is offensive coordinator in Montreal in name only).

Well I'm a CFL fan first and foremost, over and above my loyalty to my particular team, so I'll join you in wishing Mr Kelly success and good luck!'re a gentleman MadJack....with a big CFL HEART.....thankyou.. Yes the rumours about Dunigan were just that....don't know about Khari being brought in to work with with the qbs. there still might be something to that...we'll see :wink:

Well you could do worse..............and if it's not Glenn, and you go with rather raw talents like Dimwittie, Randall, and Chang, then a QB coach becomes an imperative. Jones might not be a bad hire.

well with open positions comes rumors of possible names. i think kelly has a huge task ahead in the simple matter he is no considered to be head coach, offensive co-ordinator, and gm with taman being reduced to nothing.

the jones rumor might ring true. he wants to be the qb coach. a position unfilled by the bombers for years. might help out alot with 3 guys who need work.

Papa, your last line said it all. Good luck Mike. If Taman gives him players like he did to Berry, Daley, and Ritchie, three years from now we'll see Taman bringing another Head Coach in. Four Head Coaches now, under one GM.....Hmmmmmmmm.

Mike, you'll need all the good luck you can get!

....i'M GOING TO MAKE A BOLD PREDICTION RIGHT NOW......and you know sport ,i hate making predictions....I;m going to let my gut instinct speak on this one....Mike Kelly will have the Bombers playing at the top of their game....he'll extract the max. talent from this club and get them to the top of the east division...and give Trestman and the Als. a run for their money...The underlying problems of this team will be straightened out....and as far as personell goes....Kelly will have as much in-put as Taman...The Bombers will take a giant step forward in 09...and will be tough to beat in any game in the coming season...Just a few pieces player-wise to put in place....and we're back on track.... :wink: :thup: :rockin:...take it to the bank... :thup:

Very Good Post Papa, I have said similar to that in past threads, the Bombers finally have a player's coach and has AS MUCH if not MORE control than Taman. For all that think Taman will be making the moves/trades/signings etc. you're wrong, Bauer has stated that Kelly can go straight to Bauer about player moves etc. leaving Taman outta the mix, if he wants, i amnot saying he is going to leave Taman out, but that's his option. I have a feeling Taman will be nothing but a scout, he is in charge of scouting and bringing player's here, something he has proven he can do very well, i think this was the smartest move Bauer has ever made, Kelly will be in charge of who makes the team and who plays each and every game day, something the past few coaches have not been able to do.

Yes i blame Taman for playing the wrong player's at times (as he WAS in control of this) I blame Taman for hiring Daley, but Sport Ritchie and Berry were not bad hires, after all both brought us to the Grey Cup, Ritchie left for his own reasons and Berry was not a player's coach. As for Taman being blamed for hiring them, ok fine, he did hire them, therefore he is at fault.What alot of people are forgetting about Kelly is (1) Taman did not hire him - Bauer did (2) Bauer put kelly in charge of choosing the player's that will wear the Blue and Gold, it won't be Taman (3) Kelly has the LUXERY of playing the player's he feels will give us the best chance of winning on Game Day, every game - Something Taman was in charge of the past few years.

Because of those facts, i strongly believe Bauer made a wise decision in hiring Kelly and getting rid of the GM role all together, the Bombers will be alot better and will give Montreal a run for there money, but i will state again that i don't believe Monteal will be the same team in 2009 as they were in 2008, T.O and Hamilton likewise. The funny thing is alot of people are already writing the Bombers off this year, i think they will be in for a huge surprise. Also i would like to add that what i just stated is a good thing, going into 2008 the Bombers were favorites, high expectations, expected to get first place = More pressure to do so ... 2009 we do not have that pressure hanging over our heads, we are not favorites, we are not expected to be that good, i think that is enough motivation for the coaches and the player's to prove the naysayers wrong.

Papa, I hope you're right. You fans in Winnipeg deserve better, but when you look at the resumes of the Coaches that have past through town.

Dave Ritchie: Several Grey Cup Rings as both Head Coach and Defensive Coordinator
Jim Daley : Several Grey Cup Rings as a Defensive Coordinator
Doug Berry : A Grey Cup (maybe more) ring as an Offensive coordinator.

These were quality guys, not Larry Kuharic's passing by.

Valid point Sport but being a quality guy in one role doesn't necessarily translate into being a quality guy in another role.

Case in point, Jim Daley. Very good defensive coordinator in both Saskatchewan and Winnipeg.

Total failure as a head coach in both Saskatchewan and Winnipeg.

Well, we'll see in three years. If Taman still has Milt hanging around for that elusive Grey Cup Ring, and a kicker thats just as bad as Westwood, and they are talking about firing the Coach again....... :roll: :roll: :roll:

....Dave Ritchie....good coach...a little off the wall...Huge Grey Cup mistake by allowing his team to take off the last games of a great season costing them the Cup..

...Jim field was a joke.....sending out guys on pizza runs while important film was being reviewed....poor decisions....NOT a good head coach

Doug Berry....poor communicator with players...poor on-field was a shambles....good coach but his bad qualities over-ruled the good...

..the Larry Kuharics...Reinbolds....Taffes....and even include Popp in this category...very fleeting in the coaching position

you're gonna find Kelly will be no-where to be found in that bunch...Edmonton was trying their damndest to keep Mike on ...knowing that Dancing Danny was kicking himself upstairs...Knowing their on-field and off-field operations of the past....i would say we have something here.....Also read what Kamu Petersen had to say about Kelly and what other players on the team said on his're gonna be surprized.... :wink: :rockin:..The guy is a natural fit in the Peg....and sorry to say guys are in for a run....heh heh... :thup:

Don't apologize papa...........we could use some competition for a change!

........We certainly left something on the field last year MadJack....the country-club atmosphere is out of here in the Peg...We will be competitive...and I know its gonna be fun watching Trestman and Kelly go head to head....what worries me is that unpredictable little guy in the Hammer....Can they get their act together in 09...we'll for T.O. ....?????? :roll: :roll:

papa for the past several seasons I've been predicting the Argos to finish last........I'm not about to change, one of these seasons I'll get it right !!!!