New head of MLSE and the NFL

The new head of MLSE was introduced during there press conference and the man said 2 sentences when asked about MLSE bring the NFL to T.O and yet, THAT was the headline in the Star. NFL back on the table in T.O.

Can you post a link?
I cannot find the article you are referencing.

The National Post did quote new MLSE President Tim Leiweke as stating:

[b]On bringing the NFL to Toronto:

“Am I here specifically to help bring the NFL to Toronto? No. That’s probably a good decision on the part of the board since, one, they couldn’t own the team if they wanted to, and two, I failed miserably at getting a team in L.A. That said, I am good friends with the league and Roger Goddell, and a huge admirer and fan. I know most of the owners. … If I can use that and those relationships to help Toronto, it’s my community now.
Clearly Maple Leafs Sports is the leading sports group within that community. Anything I can do to help…?[/b]

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Sounds to me, that is more of the final nail in the coffin for thoughts on the NFL permanently setting up shop in Toronto.

This should be in bold !!

“Am I here specifically to help bring the NFL to Toronto? No. That’s probably a good decision on the part of the board since, one, they couldn’t own the team if they wanted to, and two, I failed miserably at getting a team in L.A.

This guy couldn't get the n f l in LA, and the comment is correct mlse, rogers or any corporation couldn't own a team anyway !! :lol:

So WHO CARES !! n f l SUCKS :rockin:

SCREW THE NFL!!!!! :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

MLSE will let Rogers try, MLSE doesn't need branding and content like Rogers does.

You do know Rogers is part of Mlse?

For the Leafs, Raptors, Marlies and TFC. The Bills thing is entirely Rogers I assume. Because if Rogers is part of Bell in the whole, then actually the CFL then becomes part of Rogers, which is not the case I don't think.

The new head of the MSLE is going to have MAJOR pressure put upon him to get the NFL permantly to Toronto and he is a yankee
The Americans love to take money out of Canada when it benefits them and their economy , But to REMOVE and I say REMOVE a part of the American persona such as the Buffalo Bills from American soil and take them to a EGO - GREEDY - PUSHY corporation or person within a corporation and Canadian to boot to foreign soil , he will understand very quickly that his home country does'nt always stand for freedom when it causes them ( USA ) to look bad

His friend as he says is NFL commissioner Goodell , we will see how this friendship stands as a MAJOR battle is going to HEAT up within the Corporate ranks of political sense within the NFL circles to let this team leave Buffalo

I watch with great interest ( cross border shopping at its finest )

I have said this before it would not shock me if Mlse buys the BIlls but keeps them in Buffalo as this would be another market for Mlse plus lets them get there foot in the States.

Who knows jay. At any rate, you know the NFL loves to have anyone from anywhere interested in buying any of their teams, the more suiters the higher the price and the higher the price, the better off the NFL is for it. I certainly understand that.

Oh yea gem, we are going to see how much Americans really do care about keeping the Bills in Buffalo on their home soil shortly. Will be interesting.

I think it depends how big they want to be if they want to be like Aeg i think we will see them try and buy teams in other markets.

True Earl - but I do think as this is Goodells home state , reading more and more into the stories across the border on this subject and foreign ownership of an NFL team to a group from Toronto , it may not be as easy as Rogers thinks
Rogers may get the team , but they will have to keep them ( the BILLS )in a 25yr. deal with the city and state.

If Goodell has political asparations - which some are claiming - he won't allow this team to leave his state , on his watch he really does not want that kind of legacy , he is meeting more and more with city and state officials.

Tannebaun-Lind-MSLE-will have to wait for a new commish to do their carving.


OMG how many times do they have to say they are not in the market to buy the bills ..

I cannot wait till an engineer can figure hot how to get grass into the Rogers center and kick the Argos out and go all Baseball like the original plan was ..

but then you'd all be here saying " THEY PUT IN GRASS FOR THE NFL"

Rogers insanely and I quote insanely wants the priority one ( the BILLS ) or any other NFL team in Toronto , to say Rogers are not pursuing a NFL team is like saying water isn't wet.

Sounds as though the new boss will help continue the relationship with the NFL and Rogers/MLSE to bring an NFL game a season to Toronto and Rogers Centre. Perhaps after the Bills contract is up it will choose different teams to host each year. There are plenty of teams losing attendance at the gate and for the right price they would sell out one of their home games if it is profitable. The NFL team gets paid by Rogers and it is up to Rogers to re coup that money.

I just find the person stupid if he or she thinks Toronto is getting a franchise before Los Angeles. That includes Rogers.