I know we're all concentrating on the stretch drive and the looming playoffs but we're in for some major movement before the start of 2007. I believe BC, Calgary,Winnipeg and Toronto are pretty safe to have the same Head Coach except if Buono retires and he might if BC win the Cup. We already know there will be change in Montreal and Hamilton and if the Esks don't get in the playoffs and Saskatchewan fail to at least get to the West Final then I believe Tillman will make a change. It makes for a very interesting off Season. Any Thoughts?

Macioca to Montreal, good riddance. I'd be pretty happy to see Matt Dunigan become Edmonton's head coach. He didn't do too well in Calgary, but he was also the GM at the time. If he only had to concentrate on coaching, I think he'd be outstanding for the Esks.

I've always been a Dunigan fan and it wouldn't surprise me at all to see him surface"somewhere" in 2007. I don't know what his relationship was or is like with Campbell but you never know!

I think the only person Hugh Campbell is loyal to is Rick Campbell. When it comes to the business of football, he usually always does what is best. In this case, Dunigan would be a huge improvement over Macioca.

Last week there were interviews with a few of the Esks' veterans basically saying "we've had it with certain people questioning our pride, especially those who have never played football themselves." Pretty much exactly what I've been saying about that little moron all along.

.....But seriously, Montreal.....he's great. He'll do great things for you. Now please take him off our hands.

Another thing that occured to me: Jock Climie may find his way onto the coaching staff somewhere as an offensive coordinator. Maybe not Montreal, but possibly Hamilton or Winnipeg.

Dunigan would be good maybe at qb coach. He failed miserably as a coach and gm. I just pray to God that the no one hires Paopao or Austin. Let these guys sit for a bit until they realize the offensive schemes are horrible. 2007 new coaches will be in montreal, hamilton saskatchewan and edmonton. Although when saying new, the Cfl usually just uses the same ones that have been around for a while. Sask would be smart to give George Cortez the coaching position. Although I don't know if Joseph would be the qb for his offense.

i believe steve marraucci will be in the cfl mix somehow,a head coach or off.coord.and if he does become a cfl coach he'll bring the new meaning of run style offense something that will take the cfl by storm...

Dave Ritchie back in Montreal? The turnaround of the BC defence from 2004 has shown me that he still has it.

Some interesting views.
IMO Matt Dunnigan should have started as a Off. Coord. for a couple of years. But he was offered the job in Calgary so he had to give it a go.
Kent Austin might make a better Head Coach then an OC IMO.
Steve Maranucci(?) would be an interesting choice, but he's probably happy being a TV analyst.
Doug Flutie has been quoted as saying he would like to coach, and start in the CFL. The Argos need an OC for next year.

The other Greg Marshall is ready for prime time as well.

Dave Richie wouldn't be a lot of teams first choice, but they could do worse.

So my prediction would be Danny staying in Edmonton another year, Austin to Saskatchewan, the other Greg Marshall to Hamilton and Charlie Taffe back to Montreal.

If the Riders decide to part ways with Danny B...i think he could end up in Ham.... failing that... Kent Austin will probably get the job in the Hammer... :roll: