New HC should be....

Ritchie Hall - SSK current Defensive Co-oridator.
Add Stubler as the new Defensive Co-ordinator.
Give Danny the reins as Full Time OC.

2009: 10-8, and a much happier Hamilton Fan Base.

Just like that we're 10-8?

Dream world.

Defensive co-ordinators don't usually work out as head coaches.

What can you tell me about the most successfull ever CFL coach?? :wink:

The Ti-Cats have 2 wins.

July 12 vs Sask, lost by 5.
July 25 vs Edm, lost by 6.
July 31 vs Mtl, lost by 7.
Sept 1 vs Tor, lost by 3.

Believe it or not, the Ticats are MUCH improved from last year. They actually have some bite in them. Like I said before, they have a good core group, and are 2 defensive, and 2 offensive linemen away from being a SOLID team.

Yeah, it's a good thing she didn't throw the word usually in there...Oh wait.

Anyways, she's correct in that fact.

What was Wally before HC??

I agree, Richie Hall is the exception though.

8) Why are you so sure of that ?? I would also like to see Richie get a chance at a head coaching job somewhere in the CFL, but he has been interviewed a number of times and never yet been hired !!
 Same goes for Greg Marshall in Winnipeg.  There has to be a reason why they haven't been given a chance yet  !!

Jacques Chapdelaine.

Hey, I did say usually. If Richie Hall got the job I would root for him.

thats who i wanted to see us bring in this season for OC.

He was the offensive co-ordinator in B.C when Casey won the MOP Award.

Tom Landry, that would give us at least a "Ghost of a Chance"

How about Mike Riley?

I nominate Tom Landry's hat for defensive coordinator!

8) Surely you jest !! You don't actually think that Mike would leave his cushy job to come back to the CFL do you ??
 Especially to this train wreck  !!       <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: -->

Head coach: Richie Hall
Defensive coordinator: Rich Stubler
Offensive Coordinator: Danny Barrett

no, I do not beleive it would be easy to get mike, just good.

head coach: flanders.. i mean tom higgins.
O/C danny mac.or chapdelaine
D/C rich stubler and bring back dennis mcphee

I would not like to see Chapdelaine here in any capacity. He did not relate well to his players and his schemes were far too complicated.