New HC, New DC, New QB ????

Ok you experts out there you say we need a new HC - who besides Lapolice?
You say we need a new DC - Who ???
You say we need a new QB ? Who is out there other than other teams' retreads ??

We start every season saying "this is the year" and every year we are disappointed. Where does the problem lie? With Head Office?, with the coaching staff?, with the players?
As has been said in other posts we have players who bomb in Hamilton but shine in other teams. What does that say about Hamilton?

Where does the pressure come from to replace coaches every 3 years? A bit of continuity might not go amiss. It must be frustrating to the players to have to adapt to new plays all the time.

So, come on you experts, what's the solution ?

We do not "need" a new head coach. We are frustrated and say so, but his timeout gaffes were not all his fault. If he can be faulted for anything is hiring Creehan as defensive coordinator. Cortex has enough grounds to fire Creehan but perhaps the reason he has not done so is that there is no one out there ro replace him that is available so you wait till next year. Certainly there seems to be no one currently on staff to do the job. SUMMARY: Cortez stays

As to Creehan, there is absolutely nothing positive to say about his coaching. SUMMARY: He probably would already be gone if not for there not being anyone available to replace him. Foolishly, he is not taking advantage of the opportunity before to turn it around.

As to the QB, Burris still is better that FG and his stats for the year are excellent. He has made blunders to be sure, but he is not the reason we have been losing, as he doe not play defence. Do you really think it is time for Porter? Though not. And any NFL cuts do not come down the pipe for at least two more weeks, and then to have an NFL cut learn our game and an offence, not enough time. SUMMARY: Burris still is our best chance to win this year.

Deltaqueen, I don't think fans want a new coach every 3 years. I think they have less patience than that. Based on what I hear in the stands and in casual conversations, they want a new coach EVERY year.

Bellefeuille had people screaming for his head pretty much every game; nevermind the fact that he took us from a last place team every year to a .500 team. (Yes folks, he was a big step up.)

I'm all for continuity in the coaching ranks, much like the Steelers who've only had 3 coaches in like 30 years (Noll, Cowher, and now Tomlin).

I don't have a magic wand to produce a 12 win head coach. I don't think anyone does. All the "great" coaches have been retiring in recent years (Buono, Don Matthews). So we're left to find that "next great head coach."

And people were ECSTATIC when Cortez was hired. Do you remember that? How quickly the mob changes their mind.

Cortez and Burris arent leaving, and are doing a passable job, but I can see Creehan being released at the end of the season, especially if we dont make the playoffs. There will be more candidates available after the season ends.
I know a new co-ordinator should be granted a learning curve, but Creehan has yet to show he is "learning" from his experience. True he doesnt own all the losses, but his defense has played a large part in the 3-6 record.

Delta Queen:
I don't see many folks calling for George Cortez to be fired....most are upset with the poor record so far this season.
As far as Creehan is concerned, it's pretty obvious he is having problems. The question is.....does he have the capacity to improve and keep this team competitive. Burris can do the job if he is comfortable with what's going on. It was not that way yesterday going by some animated conversations on the sidelines between him and Coach Cortez.
If you are happy with the way this team is performing then good for you....but give yourself a reality check and look at our record despite all the changes and new players. Calling those who are unhappy "experts" is ignoring what is going on.
Just because YOU don't know who we could get for a DC, is no reason to write the possibility off. That's Obie's job! Unfortunately , management has shown no sign of making a move.
For once I would like to see some urgency here. We are in danger of missing the playoffs already. Do something Obie! This same scene has occurred too may times before. :cry:

The solution is not as simple as just replacing a coach or QB. It starts at the top with Obie and Mitchell and scouting staff. They are the ones that hire and select the personnel, coaches and players. They key is for them to prioritize and figure out what strengths and weaknesses a team has and then make adjustments to address the problems. But it's not enough for Obie to recognize that his team is lacking in quality D-linemen. You have to have the vision and skill to find the players and coaches that will be winners. If the big shots at the top don't get it right then the effect trickles through the whole team. Right down to the fans who become disgruntled. The leadership in Montreal starting with Jim Popp seem to have this ability to maintain a winning culture. Obie on the other hand signs many stars but without a proper supporting cast. Hence, the perpetual mediocrity.

Say what? Every year or so Obie pushes the panic button and makes sweeping changes. This is why the same scenario keeps playing out. Hamilton is perpetually stuck in 'growing pains' mode, because management doesn't seem to have the patience to let the team grow into a real contender. After a radical offseason in which you changed your QB, head coach, OC, starting running back, and DC, what did you expect? A Grey Cup in year one? Championships are rarely won that way. In 2010, the Lions were wretched. In 2011, the same essential core won the Grey Cup.

Every offseason in Hamilton, it seems to be the same tune: boundless, overblown optimism before a snap of meaningful football has been played, followed by abject crushing despair after maybe half a season. Okay, so maybe the Cats aren't as good as you thought in May. But maybe they're also not as bad as you think right now. Every one of the last three losses has been very close. The defense has shown signs of improvement. If the offense gets back on track and guys like Fantuz emerge from their slumber, you could be at .500 again in a few weeks. Yes, the O-line is really poor, but that's not a problem you can fix midseason, and really, if you're going to have a bad O-line, Burris is probably the best QB to be effective behind it, because he can actually make plays with his feet and move around to avoid pressure.

Wise words. Though I have real doubts about being at .500 any time soon. Even so, I wouldn't push the panic button. Panic is not a good foundation for intelligent decision-making.


I agree mostly with what you are saying.
I am not calling for a change in HC or the QB. Simply saying that we have a poor record this season and need to seriously check our defence. I believe a co-ordinator change is inevitable but to me, that is not a big deal. The team can easily survive that. Hire some former players to help out for the rest of the season!
I have said before, we need until midway next season to see if we are heading in the right direction with the Head Coach. I also said in other posts that I hope George Cortez will turn out to be a good HC here...despite nagging concerns that so far he is not making full use of the talent we have on offence or demanding better from Creehan.
Cortez is still in a learning curve as HC and he seems to be a savvy guy so I think we will be in better shape after this season.
I will disagree with you on one thing....I think Obie needed to make the coaching changes we have seen. However I can't figure out why we were scrambling for a defensive co-ordinator during the off-season. That was very bad planning. I also hope to see an OC next year.
I also think the fans have a right to howl about this team's performance so far this season. We should be doing better.

One more thing......
as usual, Steve Milton has nailed it. Check out today's Scratching Post. :thup:

Why does Burris get a free pass? Over the course of this losing streak he's turned the ball over 7 times while throwing for a 55% completion rate. The offense has not been able to score more than two touchdowns in any of the past 4 games.

Can you post the link? Thanks.

Ask and ye shall receive. . .

Thanks, MJ.

ok.... here's what I think.

  1. Hire an OC. (at least for next year). Cortez can't be doing the HC and OC thing again. If he wants to be the OC... then hire a new HC. I don't care.... but he can't be both.
  2. Hire a new DC. Is it just me? or did anyone else notice how Creehan was lining up the wide side corner?? The guy was 15 yards off the line of scrimmage then back peddling! It seemed to work ok in the first half, but in the 2nd half, the argos made (gasp) an adjustment. The receiver would go 10 yards and turn around... and be wide open. The corner was still about 10 yards off the ball. Easy catch and easy YAK yards. This happend time and time again. Everytime the argos needed to convert a 2nd down... guess what the play was.... and guess what the result was. I saw it... how come Creehan didn't?

What concerns me most (maybe) re defensive back field is the safety playing so deep. Reminds me of '70's or '80's (?) when Mike McIntyre was safety and U.S. trained DC had him playing every down very deep. Only useful if inside receiver is running a fly pattern or WR are running deep banana patterns. Not helpful against short passing game which is killing us or running plays.