New HC June Jones presser

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Marshall Ferguson?Verified account

1h1 hour ago
New #Ticats HC June Jones, "We'll make a decision on QB at the start of next week, I like them but I've only been here for 2.5 wks" #CFL

Marshall Ferguson?Verified account

1h1 hour ago
June Jones is calling plays and talking to another coach who might be added to the staff. #Ticats #CFL

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1h1 hour ago
Jones considers this an audition. Says team has 10 games to evaluate him for next year...says he wants to be here for 2018. #CFL #Ticats

steve milton?

1h1 hour ago
#Ticats will watch film Tuesday, begin first full practice under June Jones at #THF Wednesday. #CFL

Seems a little tentative? Might be a smart move to start Jeremiah, if only to avoid having Zach tie the record for consecutive losses as a starter? Could further erode his confidence.

But then, I called a 24-22 Cats win, so maybe that point is moot? :slight_smile:

Or, maybe Jones wants to see for himself what Jeremiah can do with plays that he wants to select.

Being a professional, I believe, Zach understands that.

It's doubtful this team will be in the playoffs, let's put the players through as real a set of circumstances as possible before making any significant decisions.

Hmmmm , I see that June even though it is a bye week for the team , must've done his laundry as he's dressed in team colours for his presser unlike Austin who must've had all his team apparel in the washing machine at the local Laundry-mat for his presser yesterday . ??? :-\On another note I'm just wondering if this league is big enough for another guy named Jones as a HC ? :smiley:

Gives a whole new meaning to the saying " Is itJune Yet " ?? Let's hope so !!!

Watch Head Coach Jones' first presser you'll get the most clear picture yet, and maybe ever, of how this all went down over the past few weeks.
Watch Kent Austin's video and see if you believe, as he says, "I'm excited about it."
I have to wonder where the guy, reportedly a friend of both Jones & Austin, who kick-started this change, now stands in the organization and its future, as seen by the owner and his CEO. And, just what is Kent Austin going to be doing now in the many hours he's been devoting to being a head coach? It all seems quite strange to me. But, following the Tiger-Cats is definitely going to be more interesting, for the remainder of the year, than I expected it would be a week or two ago.

I heard June say "the owner" and "Scott" a few times. He really didn't reference Kent much other than to say he respects him.
Its clear Mitchell/Tillman/Bob were behind this.

Jones one-on-one and his presser seemed to indicate he dealt solely with Tillman and Mitchell. I hate that they would do this without Austin's involvement as the VP. Tillman is his subordinate and this seems like a power move on his part.
I'll reserve judgement on this peculiar move. We'll see if Jones can actually turn this around. He even mentioned execution as an important aspect of winning. This is what Austin has been saying for weeks.

More likely Mitchell orchestrated this, which might have started with approaching Tillman privately before presenting Austin with a limited set of possible paths forward.

I like what he said in the press conference and his good general attitude toward things. I think he will give Jerimiah some playing time he deserves. He is positive and sounds like a pro.

However, we went from a number of sophisticated up and coming coaches not far removed from the game to this very veteran group of coaches - I hope we didn't take a step back in time.

Generally though, I feel a bit more relieved after hearing him speak. Pretty rational. That is a switch.

Kent's responses to the media were getting kind of old. Same stuff all the time, no specifics.

It will be interesting to see what the players say to the media.

"June Jones is calling plays and talking to another coach who might be added to the staff.#Ticats#CFL"

This is not exactly, a ringing endorsement for our (in name only) OC Stefan Ptasek.

New coach plus starting Masoli and releasing players like Chick sends a message to the players.
They have a bye week and I think this will have a positive effect, they are playing to secure their jobs, I think the team will be up for the Labour Day game and will beat the Argos.

June described the possible additional coach, with whom he's been talking, as "Not a change guy, just a guy I feel is real positive and had a lot of success."
I think that could be, and hope it is, Jeff Reinebold.

Good point ottawacat, I think if June Jones reached out to Reinebold, he would surely come back.
Reinebold would be the perfect right hand man for Jones due their close relationship, helping with ratio rules, etc.

One thing that Coach Jones will have to get used to if he wants to implement change, is the very limited practice time length and meetings rules in the CFL.

Tough to make changes during practice when you can't practice. :o

Even if Austin were outright fired from the organization, I'd still expect players to play it safe with their answers "Our job is to play hard no matter who the coach is... Looking forward doing whatever is asked of me... As players, our job is to go out there and win games... I'm excited about playing for [new coach], he brings a lot of knowledge and experience... I have a ton of respect for [departing coach], and I have a ton of respect for [new coach]... etc. etc. etc."

Most players are smart enough not to burn bridges even when they outright get cut.

Fired Jeff R will be back ! He was with JJ on staff @ Hawaii and SMU if I am correct ...,?!

Who wears Argo blue the week before Labour Day? Another sign that Austin is not thinking straight!

Wow! you are pretty imaginative at looking for a negative!