New HC in Tigertown

Orlondo Steinaur is going to be named HC and June Jones is stepping down to associate HC/Offensive Coordinator

I don’t doubt it, but what is your source for this?

Dave Naylor and Bubba ONeill both on twitter.

Just saw that the CFL has it posted on Facebook as well.

Quite surprised. I liked what June Jones did with the Tiger Cats. Yes he took some weird decisions sometimes, but for someone who only had couple of CFL experience from last year, he did good, especially for Jeremiah Masoli and Bradon Banks.

Don’t know what it could mean for Jerry Glanville who had an OK defense accordinf to stats, but who again, had no CFL experience and did a decent job.

JJ will still be doing the same things with Masoli and Banks. This really is a great transition move for the Ticats and June is a class act for allowing the team to work through it with him on the staff.

Perfect move by the Cats IMO.

It is true, and it is good for Hamilton to keep June Jones as OC. What I don’t understand for now is the reason for this move, due to the relative good season Jones had. I guess Hamilton fans or insiders have more clues about what’s happening behind the doors.

Very Very smart move by Cats and Jones.

His age is the big factor in play!!

Count me as one who is a doubter here, as I do not know after the many years why Orlando became such a hot commodity?
Was not a fan of his DC abilities or lack thereof and his schemes and defensive stats especially the last year before he left were average at best.
Also, I am from the school how positional coaches with either playing experience or coaching on the offensive side were the ideal candidate(s).

I feel he ran one of the top few Ds in the league.

Jones was a stop gap measure. Austin lost the room so bad they had to do something. Coach O was supposed to be Austin’s successor when he was made AHC years ago, then left for Fresno.

When he came back it was widely speculated that he had a wink wink agreement to be the next coach, and June Jones confirmed it today by saying he would at some point be willing to be the OC for Coach O.

The Argo job being open probably moved this along quicker.

So you think bumping Orlando up to HC would not have happened without the potential dangle of the HC job in Toronto?

This kind of proves the point that the league has no intention of enforcing its football ops cap in the first year.

Why do you say this?

They currently have 12 coaches and need to cut that down to 11. Plenty of time to do this.
If you are saying that they will be over the financial cap please provide your numbers. Currently their football ops staff are below the average.

Their current number of coaches and football ops are only at 23.

I think this was always the plan, but I thought it would be after this season.

Naylor did say that when Orlondo was brought back he suggested this exact scenario but I think the Toronto job didn’t hurt the timing.

Yeah I’m not sure how this changes anything as Orlondo was already on staff and being paid well to sit and wait.

My source is him saying when he chose to come back he made a long term commitment. You don’t leave a power 5 conference coordinator job for 75k.

And June Jones isnt making much, he made 100k for half of last year (which he donated to charity.) He doesn’t need the money so I don’t think this is an issue for them.