New HC/GM Expectation 2013

Alright guys, it might be a bit too soon given that we don't have an OC/DC yet, but given our new head coach and the team as it stands, how deep do you think we are going to go next season. Feel free to change your vote as updates on the team continue.

I personally believe at this point voting for the top three is setting yourself up for heartbreak. Your thoughts?

None of the above.

I have no expectations.

(He's actually VP/GM/HC)

Poll updated, just for you Kirk.

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I, like Captain, have no expectations right away at least, but I do have high hopes. As I do when I buy a lottery ticket as well. :wink:

I have very low expectations, but only because of the tough situation Kent is coming into with the team playing all it's games away from home, most of them at a university with mostly temp seating.

My expectations are that the team will come out and play inspired football every week and be an entertaining team to watch.

My only expectation is that Kent Austin will open up a giant can of Wup Ass.

Bingo. :thup:

I hope for a GC berth. I anticipate a playoff appearance. I expect what you said above.

Ticat fans, especially on the message boards, will not be happy unless we go 18-0, win every game by 28 points, AND win the Grey Cup.

I expect us to make the playoffs next year. I think that's reasonable given 6 out of 8 teams in the league make the playoffs.

They have a home. It's called Alumni Stadium. Did the Chicago Bears play all their games "away from home" in 2002 when they played in Champaign, Illinois while Soldier Field was being rebuilt? Did the Lions play all their games "away from home" in 2010 when they played at Empire Field while BC Place was being renovated? Just because the home isn't the same home as it has always been doesn't mean the team is playing every game "away from home." The Ti-Cats have a home in 2013 and it is Guelph.

As for the question asked: I expect the team to compete week in and week out. I hope for good results, but I don't expect anything in regards to wins and losses.

Not going to argue the semantics of "home", but keep in mind maybe only half of the home games may be played in Guelph.

There's still uncertainty for the location of the other half of the 2013 home games.

The key phrase in your post is "the team as it stands", which means no changes. Without huge improvements on defense particularly, we are in the same boat. I don't think Austin is going to sit on his hands but will certainly address the problems of past seasons and, together with a new GM, will fix them. That being said, I certainly don't expect to go to the show next year, but expect to finish better than 6 & 12.

With Cortez or Austin, I just can't see the defense being as bad as it was in 2012.

It wasn't just bad, it was really bad!

Also what Mallet and T. Grant can bring to the table in 2013, if anything.

Hence the "Feel free to change your vote as updates on the team continue."

What do you mean " together with a new GM" ? He is the GM.

Not semantics and there is no uncertainty. The team can play all 10 homes games in Guelph. If they choose to play outside Guelph, so be it. But they have a home. I don't understand how anyone can say that they are playing all their games away from home. It's not in Hamilton and it's not Ivor Wynne Stadium, but it is still a home. The crowd will still be made up mostly of Tiger-Cat fans, so what about next year makes every game played away from home?

And like I posted earlier, this isn't unprecedented. The BC Lions just did this two years ago. The Chicago Bears did it a little over a decade ago. The Green Bay Packers have done it in the past. The Ti-Cats aren't the only team in the history of football to play their home games in a different stadium or city for one year.

According to Mitchell its 5 games in Guelph. That would mean a minimum of 15 games on the road. Not going to be an easy season.