New Hamilton Stadium

Seems the conversation really is at a crossroads.

thanks for the update :roll:

probably is the reason the cats sucked week 1 too. not sure if hamilton will even be in the cfl in a couple years.. glenn was sick i heard from having too many iced caps from the many wpg tim hortons. HE OWNS 2 dont ya know.. timmmbittts. its a good chant, use it CFL fans when glenn comes to visit ur stadium and he will SUCK also :slight_smile:


ticats suck and not only do the ticats suck.. they suck so bad they wont get a new stadium.

wonder if theres a martime chant for oski wee wee.

moncton wildcats.

probably find out sooner than i think.


Ticat fans... do not take this bait...IGNORE

i aint fishin for debate. im sayin how its gonna be.

even the hamilton mayor thinks the ticats suck.

or it sounds like atleast.

Keep chirpin'.Last I checked, one win isn't enough to get you into the grey cup game.If that was the case, than the Argos would've been in after they beat us in game 1 last year.
See you at IWS in a couple weeks :cowboy:

I know... pretty pathetic to get overexcited after one win.

When you win, act like it's happened before...

Bomber fans are the notorious for being fair weather and bandwagon jumpers... We are going to have fun with these guys this year...

The hard deadline for them to reach an agreement on the new stadium in Hamilton is July 8th. So they have 2 days (including today). They better hurry or it'll be the Argos getting a new Stadium at York University.

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Killer, are you actually going to contribute something at some point? :expressionless:

just find it odd people get all upset and stuff over something some fan behind a monitor says.


dont take it overly serious.

wasnt talking about grey cups, week 1 yup.. thats all it is, who knows maybe we lose to the argos this week..

its how its gonna be after a win.. after a loss, guess we'll see when that happens.

hardly a bandwagon fan.. go to an average of 7 games a year.. cant make all.. works sucks!! but.. hardly a bandwagon fan.

just an optimistic one.

so i say the ticats suck.. meh, who cares.

I think the problem is that you are saying it in a thread about Hamilton’s new stadium. Saying ‘Ticats suck’ is way off-topic. We’re talking about the Stadium situation, not the Cats play on the field or any upcoming WPG-HAM game.

Just not productive.

Like the annoying kid in elementary school, who blurts out stuff in class, thinking it’s funny, meanwhile all the other kids in the class are rolling their eyes.

Deadline extended untill August 31st today.


Could you be any more immature? I mean, really... Take this trash somewhere else, all right. This topic was supposed to be about Hamilton's stadium, but since you decided to hijack it and make it about whether or not the Ti-Cats suck, it's locked.

...this coming from a guy who blows a fuse when someone critisizes his bombers...