New Hamilton head coach

Rumour is that Hamilton will announce Charlie Taffe the new coach within 2 weeks if Bob Young says yes.

If no, then they will wait untill the final 3-4 weeks and announce a head coach to run him through for the final part of the season.

WOW what a great play from Stegall!

Taffe’s a smokescreen. It’s gonna be Urban Bowman. Nobody can laugh off a loss like Urban Bowman. He’s a perfect fit.

Taafe would be a great hire. Additionally, clear out Erdman and replace him with a real special teams coach and we'll be a much stronger team.

I thought someone on this forum said recently they had been talking to Charlie and Charlie indicated he was not interested in returning to the CFL?

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I love rumors. They make life much more entertaining. Not necessarily better informed, but they do give us something to argue about.

For the record - we don’t comment on rumors one way or the other.

But I will point out that the list Mr Katz has compiled has a dozen names on it, and I’ve only seen a couple of those names mentioned in these forums to date.

I know you guys can speculate better.

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Yeah....I know what you are saying but the Caretaker also promised us a lengthy search. Seems a bit too early for a final decision in any event.

So how did YOU end up with swampland in Florida? :stuck_out_tongue:

Trust me, the new Head Coach will bring in a whole new staff...their won't be any residuals of what we are dealing with now.


Internet rumours... double yawn.

At the moment, I don't mind waiting for a new Head Coach as Ron Lancaster is doing a great job, particularly in the disciplinarian role.

Montreal took a lot more dumb penalties than us last night, so perhaps, this is one sad aspect of our game that Ron is clearing up.

There were many positives last night and I'm encouraged.

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