New Guy

Hi everybodyI,m joining your fanbase of the Hamilton Ti-cats I,m new to CFL but I,m a major fan of the NFL, more specificaly the Green Bay Packers.I choose the 'cats because the name is sharp, plus I’m a Detroit Tigers fan. You will be hearing from me from time to time.So go T-Cats. :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome to the site. Always nice to hear from new Ticat fans. Happy posting.

are you from the states then or around hear?

yeh r u american or canadian, if ur amercan thats great, its always nice to him american fanbase

To all the Ti-cat fans, I'm from Mentor Ohio,thats near Cleveland.I am not a Cleveland sports team fan.I root for Detroit Tigers,Red Wings,Tiger-Cats and the Green Bay Packers.I used to be able to watch the CFL.But the cable cut out the station from London.I still follow it from the paper.

If you want to be a real Tiger Cat fan you have to despise the Argonauts of Toronto...although lately they could also be referred to the Toronto Arrogants with Clemons and Pelley at the helm.

They are truly going to suck this year!

Welcome!!! :slight_smile:

Welcome and thanks for chosing the Tiger-Cats

don't listen to them, the Argose are a great team, on and off the field.

of course, they didn't show it last week.......

YUP...and some fans have such short memories!

Welcome to the will really appreciate the game if you witness it "LIVE".

As you know...we have a few players with Cleveland connections!

Again...welcome aboard, ptcruz! :rockin:

not me, my memory is pretty darn.....what the hell am I talking about? Oh yeah, the time I had jury duty.....the tirck is to say you're prejudiced.