New GM

Are you a fan because you don’t know what either of them do, or do you actively not like the jobs they’re doing?

Either way Dork kinda nailed it, albeit a touch brusquely

And then there was Barker :o

Arash Madani?Verified account
17m17 minutes ago
Per #CFL sources: Expect Jim Barker to join the Ti-Cats football operations staff.

Was last the Argos GM, and worked with the panel on television.

David William Naylor?Verified account
41s41 seconds ago
Can confirm that former @TorontoArgos GM Jim Barker is joining the @Ticats organization. #Ticats #CFL

Well, this is shaping up to be quite the committee of GMs. Potentially four that we know about.

The 62-year-old Barker is a long-time CFL executive who first joined the league as a coach with the Montreal Alouettes in 1996. He’s been head coach of the Argonauts twice, spent five years with the Calgary Stampeders and was GM in Toronto for seven season before being fired after the 2016 season.

He’s won four Grey Cups during his time in the CFL.

Barker will join the Ticats after the departure of GM Eric Tillman, whose contract expired at the end of the December. He joins a front office that includes assistant general managers Shawn Burke and Drew Allemang and is expected to add Spencer Zimmerman, who Barker hired away from the Ticats while in Toronto.

Barker also has ties with new Hamilton head coach Orlondo Steinauer from their time in Toronto.

It’s not expected that Barker will hold the GM title.

David William Naylor?Verified account
10m10 minutes ago
Jim Barker will serve as consultant to the @Ticats. #CFL #Ticats

Maybe too many skips and too few sweepers?

So we’re looking at Burke, Allemang, Barker and potentially Zimmerman. We’ve also got June Jones, who had final say on player personnel last year, and our new head coach (no idea how much say he will get on personnel).

Question for those who know more about this stuff, do other teams have this many high-ranking, senior football people with input in their football ops, or is this strictly a Hamilton thing? I don’t know whether it’s a good or bad approach, just wondering if we’re the only ones trying it.

The more football ops we have, the better the chance that Steinauer will be running the Defence because of the ops cap. :wink:

The promotion, pay increase and ability to start a new franchise might have a little to do with it too.

I like the approach of the Cats with the addition of Barker. The 3 young guns (Burke, Allemang, Zimmerman) might add a fresh new perspective in managing a football team. However, having an old sage like Barker around will be nice for them to consult in case there are some growing pains.

Officially announced

[tr][td]Drew Allemang[/td]
[td]Sr. Director of Personnel & Co-Manager of Football Ops[/td]
[tr][td]Shawn Burke[/td]
[td]Sr. Director of Personnel & Co-Manager of Football Ops[/td]
[tr][td]Spencer Zimmerman[/td]
[td]Director of U.S. Scouting[/td]
[tr][td]Jim Barker[/td]
[td]Football Operations Consultant[/td]
[tr][td]Rich Massaro[/td]
[td]Coordinator, U.S. Scouting[/td]
[tr][td]Spencer Boehm[/td]
[td]Coordinator, Canadian Scouting[/td]


Press Conference ??


Just hire a GM, enough of this Co-director BS. Put someone in charge.

I guess deep down, he was a closet TiCat all along. :wink:

Barker’s strength is finding talent down south.

Good hire.

So Steinauer will also be the unacknowledged defensive coordinator?

We can also put him on the sidelines to signal the refs when the opposition goes offside. ;D

Here here

New article posted:

O’Leary: Front office shake-up unexpected in Hamilton


At the top of the football ops and coaching staff sit a group of men that have graduated to their roles. They know the team, the organization and the city well. They know what they have and how close they could be to taking the next step. Change like this wasn’t expected in Hamilton this year, but the Ticats seem to have adapted well and are still in position for a bright future.

Well now just a minute there, exPat . This quote seems a little too positive for the groundlings on this site . :wink:

Pat Lynch (the old Willy Shakespeare fan)