New GM?

If you read hash marks on the TSN site they say that Marcel may not be brought back next year. If you go to the CFL website and read the Jeff Piercy article it says that we could have traded Maas for Gavin Walls. If this is true Marcel has got to go.

So legendkiller we meet again. Me thinks you are just jealous of Marcel's goatee. Good day sir...I said good day!

stkitsfan I think we may be related somehow.

If this article by Herb Zurkowsky of the Montreal Gazette posted on is correct, then legendkiller was correct in posting that a Maas for Walls trade was on the table prior to the Maas for Piercy trade:

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If this team fires Desjardins then we have bigger problems to worry about. A GM can't succedd if he's only given 1 season to rebuild a dysfunctional franchise.

This whole Gavin Walls thing is beyond me, but I'm assuming there was more on the table then just Maas for Walls.

The dumbest move now would be to fire GM Desjardins......he's just finding his feet as GM after spending an entire year rebuilding a team which everyone and their brother said to blow up....he did it and is in the process of rebuilding.....we already have a semblance of a new nucleus...and I expect by season's end, we'll have more players we can say belong there too.....

This nonsense of continuing to fire everybody in sight is stupid.....keep doing the same thing (firing) and everyone expects different results?...duhhhhhh..!

Marcel is ok in my books (and I admit he's made a few mistakes.....who hasn't?)

Make sure you vote today in the Provincial Election !

have a great evening all and thanks for reading my opinions.

mike 8)

that may or may not be true... the question is...if it was, did it remain on the table??? You tell me... (and state your source.)

I have a lot of trouble believing that Walls for Maas was on the table. What would Winnipeg need with Maas? Were they that worried about their backup QB situation that they'd trade a very good import rush end?

The front office didn't hire Dan Rambo to keep him in his current role.

He should be your new GM next year.

I take issue with the people who defend Marcel using the excuse that he has only had one year to rebuild this team. Correct me if I'm wrong, but was it not Marcel's genius idea to stick to "finding diamonds in the rough" and staying out of the free agent market? This was a strategy which was doomed from the start. How was he going to develop a team purely of rookies? Does not make any sense. To me, that indicates that he was writing the season off from the very beginning and had no interest in being competitive. Then, he trades away our best receiver and an O-Lineman, both of whom are currently starting for Saskatchewan (a better team than us, not that it's that hard to do). Then he tells us we've been playing to the goddamned cap, which is a bullfaced lie. How can we be playing to the cap with the marginal talent this team possesses? If that's the case, then he has done a TERRIBLE job of managing these team's salaries.

While some may point to his finds as examples of his success, those are more attributed to our scouts than him.

So give me a break, Marcel apologists.

yes, if Glenn goes down, welcome to the world of dinwiddie and a lost season.

exactly correct

And what? Welcome to the world of Maas and an even worse season?

So with Mass we had one win.
With Printers we had one win , oh wait my mistake the win was with Ritchie.

montreal doesnt mind paying him as a backup, so you are saying you would rather pin your season on dinwiddie? You are more entertaining every post, keep it coming we all enjoy a bit of humour on here. maas is a proven backup, printers isnt doing any better here is he? You think the rest of the gms dont realise the problem was not all maas?

Nope. I'm saying if Glenn goes down it won't matter if it's Dinwiddie or Maas

And to use your logic, "Winnipeg doesnt mind paying Dinwiddie as a backup." and Winnipeg is faring better than Montreal is.

maas is a proven backup,
Not "is", but rather "was". Even here as a back up and in Montreal as a backup it's become apparent to me that his shoulder/arm is done. He's floundered for two season now.
printers isnt doing any better here is he?
Let' see. One game with one practice.

Next game injured and relieved.

Third game hampered, but showing signs of adjusting.

You may be willing to judge what Printers can do and can't do after two and half games. I'm not.

Given two training camps and a season and a half I'm sure he'll do better than Maas did. Do you think he will?

But...we digress...

i believe the cats have started 6 qbs the last 2 years.they cant all be bad .this is a team whose salary reflects the talent experienced gm will work under these restrictions.marcel will be the sacrifical lamb and rambo will take the job unless he can find one somewhere else.nothing will change untill bob young sees the light glaring off empty seats

What salary restrictions are you referring to?

they are the lowest paying team in the league

I wouldn't have a problem with that since it's the first year of a house cleaning process.

BTW, what is your source?