New GM - History repeated

I thought the circus was over! They hire another GM from Edmonton with a LOSING cfl record.
The old saying don’t learn from history, you will repeat it.
I get they hired DM for his French and record at University football , but that do not translate in to cfl wins.

Look at his record in edmonton ( the first year not withstanding as that team was assembled when he got there) He had a losing record and it took the Esks years recover from his moves.

I feel sorry for Kari.
As a life long fan I don’t care what language the GM speaks, I want wins and don’t want to buy tickets to go to a circus.
DUMB move

I feel exactly the same but it is done…

Really feels like it was just inevitable that we’d have to go through a “Maciocia era”. Either against all odds it goes well, or tomorrow we’ll be one day closer to when we get to turn the page.

We’re just going through the stages of grief. Denial is done, vented most of the Anger out I think, already given up on Bargaining, quick stop at Depression… we’ll get to acceptance soon enough.

Couple rich guys are going to lose 15 to 20 million bucks over the next two years, they get the privilege of hiring whoever they want. We all know Maciocia won’t be able to keep his fingers out of Jones cookie jar anyway.

That movie made me feel like a bit of a dirty old man

Let me say here from Argo land and really in general, sometimes the vast majority here who loves our league we tend to be overly critical.
I am also not sold on DM, but what the heck maybe he has matured and established CIS contacts and fine tuned his player evaluations ability.
So I am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt and would recommend my fellow Als colleagues on this site do likewise.