New GM & HC

Duane Forde for GM?

Joe Womack?

How about Danny McManus. He said he’d like to be GM. He could sell tickets.

i seen on a tsn update tonight on tv that Kent Austin is in the running for both jobs!! cant find anything on the website tho

That's just speculation at this point. He's HC at Cornell.

I know it will be up to who ever is HC but id love to see Orlando Steinauer as our DC.. he did amazing things with the argos secondary!!

The Ticats are cleaning house. New GM, HC, OC/DC, assistant coaches... new stadium, new president in 2014. As much as I can't wait to see Mitchell go see we can lock up this revolving door he keeps turning, if we can get the right places in now we can be set up for the long term. A new president is not going to clean the house again after a moderately successful season. Hire the right GM, an experienced and motivated young coach, and the proper coordinators and we may be able to hold the same set up and run an actual football franchise for the next few years to a decade. The Cats are a mess right now. They know firing Bellefuielle was a mistake, Cortez was a step backward, and now they repeat the process with a big "?" on a silhouette of a face of who is in charge of this team. But the opportunity is here to get the right people in NOW to turn this franchise around. We have a terrific owner putting his heart and soul (and wallet) into the organization and a brand new stadium in the works despite all the mess of a disorganized process it was to get it. We will get our wish and get a new president for next year, and EVERYONE ELSE BELOW HIM will be starting fresh. Now is the time to stop making silly mistakes with this team in hopes of building for the short term and start building a LONG TERM CONTENDER.

Marcel is coaching in the UFL under Bart Andrus Is that league still around?

I'd be ok with him. Austin rumours as both GM and HC persist. Wonder if he's shown interest behind the scens, and that's what may have led to Cortez' dismissal. Sheer speculation.

Have to agree how the early guessing is that the Cats will make another pitch, just like last year, but can now offer Kent Austin both the GM and HC positions

Why not promote from within the organization-

The right person at the right time-IMHO

CapainKirk wrote: Marcel is coaching in the UFL under Bart Andrus [b]Is that league still around?[/b]
The UFL ceased operations after a mere four games this fall due to pervasive financial difficulties, and IIRC had a shortened season in 2011 as well.

By all accounts, it is doubtful that this league can be resurrected.


Peter Dyakowski

Just got my 1st new contract offer from the #Ticats: Same pay as last year but I get to be a player/Head Coach!

If you were Kent Austin and you looked at Mitchell and Young's track record. Would you leave a HC job at an Ivy League school where your kids are getting free eductation to work for those two ? Oh he will likely listen to them but my guess is they will fall out of their chairs when they see what garantees he demands.

the only quarantee he will get is he like mb cortez marshall and coordinators is that in 2 years if not sooner he will be fired without continuity i dont care who comes in success is just a thought

GM Danny Mac (Ronny taught him well, a good spokesman for the team and league)
HC Dave Dickerson (Knows the game and how to work in the CFL)
DC Mike O’Shea (Say what you will, he has done a great job in Toronto and he is ready to be the man)
DLine Coach Mike Walker (Knows the Line game)
OC Danny Barrett (Understands the game and league)
QB Coach Anthony Calvillo (He is a free agent and should be ready to move on), noteable option would be Doug Flutie
Receiver Coach Jermaine Copeland (Did a good job last year)
SP Jim Daley (Proof is in the pudding)

I know a lot of former of QBs, but this is a passing league and that level of knowledge is important.

I'd be ok with either of the first two as GM. Danny Mac should be considered 1b.

This is what has saddens me most. The Tiger-Cat brand has been tarnished within the community, and perhaps in the football ranks as well.

They break the bank and lure Cortez away from the NFL, granting him lots of control, make him the highest paid HC in the CFL with a long term contract, show him off him in front of the national media, and then this...

If Iiwere Austin, I'd be leary too.

P. LaPolice, noticeably absent from the discussion. Probably not hoping for a phone call.

8) I agree wholeheartedly !!! Austin would have to be crazy to come here, considering this teams dysfunctional track
   record !!!    <!-- s:oops: -->:oops:<!-- s:oops: -->

   We are once again the laughing stock of the CFL.
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Mitchell said ... “[b]Hamilton’s gone from a place where people didn’t want to be, to a place where everybody wants to be.[/b] ?

There won’t be any other head coaching vacancies this year. I think Edmonton is looking for an OC but I think that’s it for coordinator positions too. This is an unusually stable off-season for CFL coaching staff. On the other hand, we know next year in the very least that Ottawa will be looking to fill every position from top to bottom. I wonder if that played a part in this decision. While the prospect of joining a team in perpetual panic mode and playing in a CIS stadium would probably scare off most, its balanced by being pretty much the only option for anybody interested in coaching in the CFL.

Given the revolving door policy that has been in place in Hamilton for several years, I doubt very much that this is true.

It just seems like the executive strategy is, "Try something, maybe it'll work. If not, let's clean house again and try something else. Who knows, one of these days we might get lucky."

Why this kind of environment would be attractive to anyone with talent I really don't know.