New GM fires the first salvo-K.Peters

Deals running back Anthony Davis
to Argos for receiver Frank Murphy

December 19, 2007

Ken Peters The Hamilton Spectator

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an exerpt...

'O'Billovich says Murphy gives the Ticats
some badly-needed CFL experience at receiver

and also brings some good hands and toughness.

"He is tough and I think he is well-suited
to being a slotback in this league.

He has the toughness and he blocks well.

[i]The one thing I'm really excited about is
he was a running back in school

and if you can get the ball in his hands,
he can do something with it.
"He has all the intangibles you like
and he has a little experience

and that is something we're looking for.

I'm excited about it."

He might be the solution to our need
for a Ben Cahoon type of receiver
at one of the slotback positions.

Badly needed CFL experience. 1 year. All the guys we had last year now have 1 year too.

Good one Obie.

Good One Pessimist. Wrong...but good.