New GM and Equipment Manager

Why dont they get rid of Marcel because all he has done is sweet garbadge Released alot of the good Players. Hey why dont the Ti Cats bring back JK cause he has been around the CFL for 20 years and 10 with the Cats

He's doing an ok job, the only moves i didn't don't like is keeping Maas and the Butler trade, and cutting Hill. I don't know what good players you're refering to.

this is my just thoughts going crazy and im tired of the cats loosing . I guess they figured if they bring in a New Gm would work but i guess not

well they did bring in a lot of rookies, so i don't think it was realistic to expect this team to start winning right away with all the changes. I think they'll win 5 games in the second half of the season, once they give Chang a chance. lol

Yes, that's it! The Ti-Cats can't win anything because they have a different guy washing their underwear!

You're a complete clown.

But hey, come to think of, it was a different guy that took my ticket at the gate last game...he was different than the guy who took my ticket all of last year!

Can someone get me a person with 20 year's ticket ripping ability so the Cats can win a game!


Rare is the ocasion lately that we agree CATSROAR but I nearly fell off my chair laughing in agreement with your latest. Hey it was announced today that the waterboy is over the hill, lets make a change there too.

You're kidding right! Maybe we should consider getting rid of emeryboard as well. Get real!

I like the fact that if you read his bio, it appears that our equipment manager is the only one in the CFL who has washed Brett Favre and Ahman Green's underwear!

Not one other team's curent eqipment guy, or former CFL equipment manager can lay claim to that one!

great... so that means we might lose, but we'd lose cleanly?

I think we should have a good old fashion wash off!

If this JK is so good, lets get him and the Ti-Cats current equipment guy together and see just who is the best washer!

We could make it the next half time show!

Have 2 washing machines at the 55 yrd line and see who can wash, fold and hang back in the player's locker the fastest!

We could have a camera on them projected up on the'd be just like that show Iron Shef! People in the crowd would cheer for their favorite guy! The new guy (Boooo!) Or the old guy (Yayyyyy!) The winner would be the REAL Ti-Cats equipment guy!

I can't believe with all that is currently going on with the Cats, some people question the GM's hire of a new equipment guy?

Come on! Get a life!

:D :D :D :D

Thanks for the much-needed laughs guys.

But I don't think the guy who originally authored this post was kidding...I think he's genuinely mad at this new equipment guy!

Heck even Vinnie jumped ship for one game last year and was on the Eskies sidelines when they played the Argos last year,must have been the only guy in history to be canned from a non paying volunteer job!!! :slight_smile: :lol:

But we would call it Iron Board.

Ha, a little laundry humour.

Carry on, folks.

Very little!!!


(Although I KNOW you chuckled, Mycko. You can't deny it. :wink: )