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Lonie Glieberman can't win.

He gets ripped in the media for signing players.

He gets ripped for not signing players.

I can't understand why people make an issue of the Renegades signing players to four- or five-year contracts. Unless the deal is guaranteed (as defensive star Kyries Hebert's is for the first two years), the team is not beholden to a player.

A team can release a healthy player at any time.

There is only up-side for the team in getting players to sign long-term deals. If they perform and are worth their salary, the team can keep 'em.

If not, they get a big cup of see ya later.

The issue in the CFL is not the Renegades giving one of their best defensive players a contract that is guaranteed for two years.

The issue is a team like Edmonton possibly having the highest payroll in CFL history and the league's inability to do anything about it.

The offensive co-ordinator's job in Hamilton is apparently there for Joe Paopao if he wants it. Talk is the Ticats might also see an additional bonus to having Paopao: Attracting Renegades free agents George Hudson and Josh Ranek ...The Rolling Stones are going to play at halftime of the Super Bowl. Remember when they were the devil incarnate to Middle America? Now, compared to Janet Jackson's breast, they're the safe choice.

I bet the Gades could beat the Teaxans of the NFL right now. :roll:

let the G’s run the team, jeez! IF they run them into the ground, then the league will take over.

Well, I don't think an attitude QUITE that reckless is a good one :wink: But I agree, let them run the team. Give them a chance, instead of picking out the negative of EVERYTHING. It's my biggest pet peeve, when people harp away on something, just because they think they can ...

It seems to me it is part of the charm of the CFL to always have at least one quirkly owner or two around to laugh at. We had Feterik in Calgary, and once he was gone we got the Glieberguys back. Let's face it, the league would be a bit duller if we didn't have at least one team with owners that are good for a laugh or two.

Yeah, but the problem is it's us, the Renegades/Riders fans who take the beating, which, in my opinion is not very funny at all. :frowning:

Yeah, I remember how choked I was at the fact that we had to deal with Feterik ... I was scared for the team (and incredibly glad when the Stamps were bought by a local group!)