New Game Day Program

completely, totally underwhelming...
today, in the spectator, the new game day program was unveiled.
it's to come out the day before each home game — the idea, i suppose, is to provide advertisers with a longer 'window of use.'
it may serve the needs of the team and/or the hamilton spectator, but it certainly doesn't serve the fans.
i don't think many subscribers/single-copy buyers will be taking this to the stadium.
the format is all wrong: it's too large (small tabloid size), and it's on cheap newsprint.
it needs to be more fan-friendly: smaller, and on thicker, glossier stock. that way, at the game, it's easier to use, and won't need folding, refolding and scrunching to use. and fans are supposed to use this, right?
imagine this program in high winds or rain or snow. completely unusable, and worthless.
it's totally unmemorable.
i won't be taking this to the game, and i'm very unlikely to save these — and i go to all the games and save all the programs.
this needs a re-do.
remember, it's all about the fan!

Ok..first I must admit that I have not seen the program...and frankly...I usually spend less than 10 minutes looking at it when at the game.

I truely think that the Cats can lead the way in getting rid of a printed program...lets practice what we preach on Tigervision and me more environmental sensitive...make the program a free download via your smartphone...or charge for the printed one with proceeds to charity.


“or charge for the printed one with proceeds to charity.”

Why is it that fans think all possible revenue streams of the Tiger-Cats must be donated to charity.

I could never figure that out. :expressionless:

I like to see a PDF Version that you could download as Season ticket Holder.

are you could buy it online for a $1.00 if your not a Season Ticket Holder.


Or be available for every special interest.

Out of any situation a possitice should be drawn. Example = half full or half empty - I have not had an opprtunity to look at the new program. However, live is not all about negatives - look for positives -

Agreed. At the same time though if they were charging a buck you know there will be a thousand and one whiners about "wow now they're making me pay for a program! Thats BS! I'm a seasons ticket holder, I'm entitled to everything for free!".

I say charge a dollar. I see way to many of these program strewn all over the place after the game. People grab em cuz they're free, skim through them and then toss em on the ground or leave them at their seats. If you actually pay for it, you'll take care of it or at least it will thin out those people that just take them because someone offers something free to them at the gate.

Because according to Slammin Sammy Merulla, the Cat's are a charity.

I hope that the marketing folks are listening…here are my two cents

What is the value of the game-day program? If it is to allow fans at the stadium insights to whom is starting, the depth chart and some player profiles, then fine - however to sell ad space, the purchers of the ads must understand that the same 20,000 fans will read over a 10 game season and spend less than 5 mins going over it…then leave it under their seat.

If the gameday program was printed 5 days in advance they will need to insert an actual “gameday” roster.

The only thing that I am unclear about is how they will give it to the fans prior to the actual gameday - and add more value than what I read online, The Scratching Post and the

It’s a viusal … who’s -who’s … wow a hole buck!!! Get a grip there is very little in life that is free.

If anyone starts blowing one of those stupid things around me I'm snapping it in two. I don't care how much it costs. Soccer fans are annoying enough as it is.

What happened to the days of the glossy magazine type programmes, with features on players plus the line ups etc?
Didn't it used to be a money maker for the team?
I suppose anyone can go to this website now and print out a list of players and their numbers.

With all the excitement at the World Cup will they be showing the Brazil game on the Jumbo Tron, it starts at 1:30 tomorrow?? I was really looking forward to seeing the Ivory Coast play Brazil.

It would be a great way for the Tiger Cats to reach out to soccer fans and maybe a few of us would go to the game. With all the standing around at football games I don't think it would be that much of a distraction.

You're kidding, right?

I sure as hell hope he is kidding about showing that soccer game on the scoreboard :thdn:

This a Football City
He wants to watch Soccer
He best Stay Home on watch it on TV
Cause no way the show it on the Scoreboard.

I am not a Soccer Fan
The world cup is a Boring Snooze fest
I rather watch Paint Dry or Snails Drag Race.
Too Many Ties not enough Scoring
This is my Favorite you break rule they give you card
Do again I give a Different Colour Card :roll:

Hamilton is CFL County

8) If you received your "Game Day Update" via e-mail from the TiCats, you would know that that is exactly what the team
 is doing !!


 If you don't buy the Spectator, they will charge you a buck to buy the programe at the game, with proceeds going to 

  two different local charities  !!!

How is this any different than, “You break a rule and I throw an orange flag in the air?”

Why do people constantly have to tear down other things to make their thing look better? I love football, it’s my favourite sport and always will be, but I also love soccer. People are free to like or dislike whatever they want, but this need to mock what you don’t like is unnecessary.

The new program is pretty pathetic. Just print the rosters, cut down the size, forget the ads and give out as just a cost of doing business and "enhancing the game-day experience"!!

It was really Wimpy Program
it was the 1st time in Ages I did not get one.
what where people in Ticat Marking Thinking that day ???
I know few people who work in that Area there true Genius people
They have okay idea but format and kind Stock Used was bad..

People like keep these and Collect them
I for one have Programs that go back to 1981.
what good is news Print it don't keep well

Go back to drawing broad Guys
Give us something worth Keeping
On Nice Stock
last year programs where great so there a starting point