New Friday Night Football Tune

Sorry if this has been mentioned already but…

What kind of poser crap is the new FNF song? Did TSN really go out and commission a tune that’s a facsimile of Monday Night Football’s tune? Why couldn’t have they just have jazzed up the old FNF song or license a big name Canadian rock band?

I always bug TFC fans for being poor imitators of European style soccer support. I don’t like when the CFL and TSN does the same with the NFL and the iconic style of the Monday night football broadcast.

I’d rather an original tune than a poor imitation.

Sunday*. And yep, my girlfriend has heard me complaining about this since it came out.

I agree. It is not even a good copy the NFL version. Mind you I didn’t like the one before it too.

Since they own the rights to the old Hockey Night in Cananda perhaps copy that and have Football Night in Canada :wink:
Hell they may get more viewers when hockey fans hear it and think they are tuning in to a hockey game :wink:

Or even that pale imitation of hockey that the Leafs play! :twisted: