New free agents Thelwell and Kidd

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Let the rumours begin

Thelwell's definately on my wish list for the bombers

thelwell is going to hamilton....

thats the only explination i can come up with for some of the cuts the ticats have been making lately...clearing salery to buy thelwell.

but then again, does thelwell want to ruin his career playing with maas?

I like Thelwell, he would be a great fit with my Argos. They certainly need help on the receiver side.
Just think Bishop to Thelwell.

just think, maas underthrows

Yes very possible, but not with Bishop as he has the best arm in any football league.

Thelwell NI, will demand a hefty salary, possibly he may sign with the TiCats if the deal is sweet enough, but if I were Desjardins (the new GM, cant recall his name) I would be looking to get that defence straightened out.....who is the DCo in Hamilton anyways, still Kavis.....

Add to the list Nautyn Mckay-Loescher , he will be a free agent also . He wants to go back east for family reasons , so won't re-sign in BC. Of the three , he's the one that will be most missed. Thelwel will be replaced by Gilles Colon or Josh Boden , both of whom Wally is very high on.

An interview with Thelwell in a BC newspaper. He went to my high school in London, Ont.:

"Comparing the NFL and CFL leagues, the 6’2? 190-pound Thelwell says, “If I had a choice, I’d definitely go for the NFL because of the pay... $300,000 minimum (compared to the CFL average of around $50,000) — but the CFL is a lot more fun. It’s a lot faster and there’s more offense.?

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Lol...good one drummer. Poor Ti-Cats. Seriously though, I would love to see Thelwell in an Als uniform though. :slight_smile:

Speaking of Rumours, Yesterdays Sportscast on CKNW had BC's 3rd string QB, Jarious Jackson going to Hamilton..... Ticat fans, any truth to that rumour?

For what....another retread....oh I have too cool down after that last one.....