New free agents Thelwell and Kidd

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Could be interesting who wants these two, Kidd and Thelwell. Maybe Hamilton will give them a look

Obviously a team like Hamilton, with the amount of player movement on the roster, both would be welcome additions.

What I really like is Carl Kidd's intensity. He really plays hard, almost dirty, right until the echo of the whistle. I think that would be someone to consider adding to our linebacking core. I mean, historically Hamilton's trademark has been an intimidating defense right?

I've always liked Kidd, we could use a bit of a trash talker on this team and attitude, but not sure he has the goods to still deliver, I don't know.

Our LB corps has been a problem for a very long time. How long has it been since we've had a great playing, dominant, "name-recognizable" linebacker? I'd say the last two were Tiggle and O'Shea, and you all know how long ago they played for the Cats.

I hope the Cats draft another O'Shea this year with the top pick. There's got to be one out there.

Kidd is a tough cookie, but is also too old to dominate at this stage in his career.

Again this guy is amazing. Paullywood you took the words right outta my mouth regarding Kidd! Also for those who don't know Thelwell is a London kid so I would imagine he'd like to be closer to home. As for a "name recognizable LB" how about Calvin Tiggle? Nothing since then.