New Fourms are nice But...

Okay I love the new look forms.. But it little hard to find a new topic or when once been added too.
The new Icons are hard to understand..
Also the Colours are not Ticats Colours.
Also I like to be able to read the Other CFL Fourms without having to go over to

May When Topic is added It could have Icon or area it is Turn Gold..
I the the over all look but really like to see some minor Tweaks to it ..

Is it just me or are others experiencing this? I can't use my back on the browser to navigate back to the main forum page from a thread. I have to use the page navigation button. The back button on the browse gives me a page expired.

I cant either, pain in the ass....

Not really sold on the new interface or look for that matter, looks like a downgrade....

Doesn't happen to me.

you dont need to use the back button. for example if you are looking at the at thread on the ticats forum....and you want to get back to the list of threads.....there is a link that you click on....its at the bottom of the page right below the "post a reply" button

You shouldn't be experiencing this unless you're trying to go back to a page that you just posted on. What web-browser and operating system are you using?

IE with Vista (Note that it doesn't happen all of the time- that's what's incredibly frustrating. It's like I'm on an intermittent reinforcement schedule (for you psych types). Right now it's about 50/50 and seems happen in spurts.

I'll watch it for a few more days and if it keeps happening I'll pm you and maybe hushcat can as well. That way I can give you a frequency report as well.

Thanks - Its the first I've heard of the problem, and I've used about every browser out there looking at them.

Happens to me also but not all the time. seems random. IE 7 with xp pro sp3.

Best solution is to use FireFox and tabbed browsing. Works like a charm.

Sig.... yeah, I do...... at home. :oops:


Oh oh… same problems noted on the main board. Browser problems on the back button.


Sorry, Jett. Looks like a larger issue. Oh well… that’s why you get the BIG BUCKS, right? :wink: :slight_smile:

Same here, with firefox 3 and xp home sp3. Although I don't think I've seen it in the last day or 2.

8) The back bottom worked fine for me this morning, but now it goes to expired page again, even without making a post !!! :roll:

For us poor slugs on dial up, it seems way slower than the old version. Before you call me cheap, dial up is all I can get here in the boonies. The time between where I select the forum page over the suggestions page seems to take forever. :?