New Forums

As you have probably noticed, the forums look a bit different. CFL has experienced really high traffic over the last few weeks.

So in order to allow more users and keep cfl sites running better, we have moved the forums to a new server. There may not be all the features you are used to, but we want to make sure that you, as CFL fans, get better access to the forums and during this Grey Cup weekend.

We are working on getting the forums look back to the way they were.

Thank you for your understanding.

I sure Hope so.....

Do we have a time frame on this?

I didn't until about 10min ago.
Soon is the only thing I can tell ya

Update: done!

Good! Now please remove this thread.

Don't you hate that, rock, the Ticat staff
aren't following through on your orders?

and you want this thread gone because?