New Forums??

i dfont like

much easier on the eyes I must say…I like. 8)

thank you :thup:

Wow bad for the eyese red grey background with this blue inserts is well a joke!

i dont like it at all, looks tacky and im still kinda lost

and whats with the pnphpBB2 symbol at the left of the screen? whats that mean or used for?? id ot get it


If I remember correctly, when was rolled into the original look had the gray-blue tint and most of us didn't like it as we preferred our ti-cat gold look.

This looks like that earlier colour scheme. Not my taste (too double-blish for me :smiley: )

bare with us folks, we’re doing some upgrades…

what Am I doing wrong?
Since the change the members on line names are now cut off , the number of PM is way over to the right and my name still on the online list.
Some text overlaps other text ,etc...

I'm using a wide screen monitor.

The "send a PM" tags are on the far right while the names are on the far left.

You are right...

I doubt its done yet lol.

why didnt they even like warn us, or tell us lol seems kinda random to me

PS - I want my old smilies back. My famous grin (the only one I ever use) looks absolutely ridiculous (and only has one tooth)!
(Yes, I'm old, but I still have a few more than that.)

[url=] ... ic&t=11790[/url]
You may have noticed that the forums look a little off... we're doing a security patch to the forums - [b]something fairly urgent in nature[/b].

Everything will function normally (I hope) but the paint isn't dry - so things will look a little off.

Please be patient.

Look at what the link up above says, folks. Tonight on CNN I heard that Al Quaeda was threatening some sort of immediate move. Now there's an urgent security threat on here. Coincidence? I think not.....

No need, Cats have carried out their own on field self destructive bombings this year.