New Forum

From Sully in the Hamilton forum:

The folks at Discourse have completed the test migration; we’re going to go ahead and move the forums to the new software on Wednesday, February 12, 2020. This will likely take most of the entire day, during which a “Back Soon” message will be displayed. Once the forums are back, you will need to use the ‘Log In With Email’ button to get access to your account (which will exist on the new site with all of your existing posts and data).

Au moins ce n’est pas le premier jour des joueurs autonomes.

Not the best day to shut down the forum. How will we be able to rant and rave if Danny doesn’t do anything tomorrow?

I can always scream at people on the street, but it won’t be the same.

Some of the Golden Girls are going to find Discord very Discording. :o

I am also surprised of the early date after opening of free agency. Could have waited a few more days.


Well rumour has it that DM dictates to Ambrosie what does and does not happen in the league, so perhaps it’s no coincidence. :wink:

The screams will keep one day, sheldon. They’ll have extra raw-throat force from being held in that extra 24 hours.

If this is how they will be they suck

Presently, I agree with you. I can’t figure out how to view the messages in each thread with the latest posting at the top of the scroll, if it can even be set in that manner!

It will take some time to get used to, that’s for sure. I’m not sure if we can reset display prefs to show latest posts at the top, but you can actually click the timeline thingie on the right side to go straight to what was posted recently. Also if you need to “ignore” users, you can add them to your “Muted” list from your account preferences.

Thank you. Had that much figured out. :slightly_smiling_face:

Ah! OK, so clicking the talk bubble in the edit pane after you reply to a user allows you to quote. :slight_smile:

You were ahead of me! :slight_smile: It took me a few minutes to see it, and also to enable dark mode for the forum. (ahhh, begone headache-inducing white screen!)

i hate this new format! Bring back the existing one!

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Bring back everything! The single-bar facemask, the AutoStade, the Ford Falcon, the wooden “H” goalposts painted in red/white bands, the high-top kicking shoe with a square toe, the Turbo train, the rotary dialing, the everything! I almost changed my handle to Emoji but decided against it.

Me as well, jkm; pain having to re-ignore folks.