New Forum Server

As you have probably noticed, the forums look a bit different. CFL has experienced really high traffic over the last few weeks. So in order to allow more users and keep running better, forums are on a new server. There may not be all the features you are used to, but we want to make sure that you, as CFL fans, get better access to the forums and during this Grey Cup weekend. Thank you for your understanding.


I didn't see this till after my post about the colour change. At least I know I wasn't imagining things. Thanks for the info.

Great work, guys! :smiley:

LMAO :lol:

Were you actually trying to say "Good work, guys?"

Whoops. :oops: Modified. :smiley:

All I notice is blue as a secondary color rather than red, but Im sure the changes you speak of are under the hood.


As a 2-year lurker, I'd like to offer some kudos to the league and to the tekkies that have put the whole site together. It's light years ahead of what it was in '05 in every aspect.

I hate the new format! I hope that following the grey cup game, will appear as it was before, otherwise, goodbye and good luck.

Sad but true, this has to be a joke. :thdn:

You're joking right?
The only difference is the colour.

They're only preturbed because it's the Argo colours and they happen to be Tabby fans. It's only for the GC, guys. The forum will be back to the traditional red a couple of days after the weekend.

Great work guys! I'd rather temporarily have a colour change and lose a few features than have the forums go down for extended periods of time because of the traffic.

what's up with the tiny writing space? there's black space on either side of the message board. why the squeezing?

Change your screen resolution

Another congrats, guys. The new server seemed to hold the load! :smiley: