New forum server environment, bit of a paint job

Hey folks! My name is Sully Syed, and I'm the Director of Media Technology at the CFL. I started my role at the CFL about five weeks ago as of writing this, and in that time I've been primarily occupied with the rollout of the new and team websites. However, my role also logically extends to the care and maintenance of these forums, so I thought it'd be a good idea to post a little status update and spend some time making necessary hardware and software updates to the site.

To state the obvious: The forums aren't going anywhere. I've actually been a poster on various forums around the Web for 15ish years now, so I understand the kind of friends and community that can sprout from a place like this and last for an entire lifetime. I like forums. I get forums. And while I have very, very many things to keep busy with right now and a whole new organization to learn and adjust to, I'll take some time to be around to continue to do server-level maintenance and upgrades as required.

The software upgrade and server migration of these forums appears to have gone smoothly, but that may not entirely be the case. Major site functionality was (briefly) tested, but other functions may be broken. When you run into these things, please comment in the Missing / broken site functionality thread and I'll start working away on those items.

If you need to get in touch with me, here are two great ways to get a hold of me:

Okay - I've got to run, but I'll keep up on the missing/broken site functionality thread to see what details come up.