New forum rules

Obviously, I need to re-read these babies. I've looked all over the site. Where are they? I've proofread and checked my spelling and grammar twice. :stuck_out_tongue:

I had the same problem, but got the directions from another user. Go to the CFL Forums homepage, click on CFL Talks, and the forum guidelines are the second or third topic on that page.

Here is a direct link to the official forum guidelines. :slight_smile:

Thanks Sully. Now, where can I get one of these magic buttons where I can post a thread to “entice chaos” (his words), to troll the membership by discussing another sport and hated city, then lock it up for his pleasure. All direct contravention of the rules he was trying to remind us about. :wink:

I don't think those were DJ's own words. From the forum guidelines:

If in the opinion of a moderator your post breaks one of the above rules, your post will be modified or removed,....
The statementused to include the phrase "modified to make you look silly", but I guess that was removed to adhere to the new guidelines.

Hello Teddy,

Sorry for the confusion. The original post was from another user - “djrobertson2017?. He posted about the Raptors asking “is there any other Toronto Raptors fans on this forums??

The thread went off in funny directions after that. I thought about just deleting it but it struck me as an entertaining read and a friendly way to remind everyone before the season about the new rules.

I don’t think he was trolling or trying to “entice? chaos. I changed the heading of the thread and used the phrase “chaos ensues?


The thread was worth it just for the laugh I got from the reply "Their sure am." :wink: