New Forum Identities

I think most of us survived the migration to the new forum. However I see some new names and noticed that some have disappeared. If you had to change your name post it here so we know your new handle.

I just came back after a long time away

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Lol . … I’m here but I did have to change my avatar . :see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :speak_no_evil:

The one change that was obvious was the Dorkman is now going under the moniker of DrSnuggles but with his familiar and famous Freddy avatar intact . :crown:

Maybe do a google search for “Goofy Bono Pics”. :laughing:

LOL . I did , that’s where I got my new avatar from . :laughing: :monkey_face:

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I think I’m still here, yup I am

Nice to see you back! Where have you been hiding last 4 years?

I think I’m back…

schmenger I’m back but i had to reinvent myself pending a fix from Sully in the command center. Going to meet the commissionaire tonight wearing number 61
out of respect of John Barrow and family.


Welcome back Onknight. Don’t let anyone bully you from voicing your opinion.

I needed a break for a while
Been busy coaching and Relaxing

Haven’t heard from Lennywasout in awhile . He always had good stuff to

offer . I’m looking forward to his return . :grinning:

Pat Lynch (le vieux)

Still here…was banned until April because of something I posted about another poster I got fed up with.

I’m sure this change to the forum software maybe missed my ban so I’ve decided not to post until April. This is my exception since you were kind enough to ask where I was.


I was CrazyCatLady, now just Catwoman (like the superhero). Couldn't remember my email/password combo so just make a new account.

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That makes me wonder what the criteria are for veteran status.

I wouldn't worry too much about these badges or post counts. Intelligent and thoughtful posts should matter the most and that is something that Crazy Cat Lady had previously contributed in high abundance.

As far as I'm concerned most of us that keep this forum alive and engaging are all All-Stars. :smile:

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Just curious how a new user with just a few posts could qualify as a veteran. Maybe it recognized the email address attached to the new user name?

And to misquote the pigs in charge, "Some All-Stars are more all-starry than others."

Ah yes . 4 legs good and 2 legs bad . Georgey Orwell had a way with words.

Pat Lynch (the old dude)

Those Orwellian porkers can be ignored. :smile: