New Forum Guidelines

If you're like me, and spend most of your time on the most active, entertaining and insightful of the CFL forums (As in this one!) then you might have missed the posting of the updated Forum Guidelines.

Please take a moment to read them.

We are trying to create a more civil atmosphere on the forums and so, for example, we are asking everyone to avoid using rude, coarse or 'rough' language.

For the past while I have been quietly editing posts to delete coarse, rude or rough language. Going forward, if everyone could make an effort to clean up their language that would be really appreciated.

Ideally, it would be great to attract younger fans to the forums and I know I'd be more comfortable with my kids on the forum knowing that the language was clean.

Again, please take a look at the updated guidelines and Oskie Wee Wee!

No sarcasm??!? Say it ain’t so.

That's going to be tough for some of us

That one is a suggestion (note it's not part of the core ruleset up top). :slight_smile:

Inappropriate Language:Avoid the use of rude, coarse or 'rough' language. This helps to maintain a high standard of dialogue on the forums. While you may be used to using and listening to coarse and rough language, be it in the work place, around friends or at home, do not assume others are.

any chance you guys could make this section slightly more vague?

The whole point of vague rules is to create discretionary room for arbitrary enforcement. Of course, when you run a forum, you can apply arbitrary enforcement even without having posted rules, though historically this forum has seen very little enforcement of any kind. I’ll be quite happy if there’s an uptick in enforcement of the similarly vague rule against “just being obnoxious and disruptive”.

I've been on this site a number of years. I don't think that there have been too many times where there has been a problem. I recall a few times where non-football posts have sat there too long, but people have been civil for the most part.

I had no idea that someone actually edited the forum to be more friendly and classy.
I have never had any of my posts changed or edited.
I do recall a couple of times being called an idiot and moron which was not very nice ...
but this is Hamilton public... we've never been known for not expressing our opinion explicitly.

Not sure why you would say the rule is vague Espo. I'm sure you have come face to face with someone whose language in your opinion is uncalled for because you consider it rude or coarse or rough (crude, obnoxious, whatever) to the point it is offensive.

Try to imagine going for a job interview and the impression you are trying to make. What comes out of your mouth makes an impression, good or bad.

The team has avoided posting a list of what is unacceptable for a reason. If in doubt, go online where you will find many examples.

Sarcasm when used appropriately is not a problem. It becomes an issue when it is used in a condescending disrespectful manner and directed towards another CFL member. Particularly when there is disagreement about something.

The goal of the CFL forums is to create an environment of camaraderie.

And the CFL Admin/Moderator team would like to see it remain that way TeddyFay. :slight_smile:

Well Done Everyone. Tip of my hat to the moderators for their hard work and continual efforts to make this board better for everyone.

The goal is to maintain a high standard of decorum on the CFL forums 150Gage. We are committed to doing that as best we can.

I can't speak for Hamiltonians but it is not impossible to express oneself explicitly without being obnoxious.

Ditto that - thanx to all :smiley:

@ FenderGuy69 and HamiltonBorn1957

Appreciate the feedback guys. Thanks! :slight_smile:

I had left the boards a couple of years ago due to one reason, there were guys who would slam you if you were not a 'football guru'. Too often a post or reply would be met with "this guy knows nothing about football". Gladly this is no longer a problem, I guess these guys all got football jobs in the CFL/NFL for their knowledge. I haven't see much slamming at all so good job moderators.

Good to hear tabbyfan!

aww c'mon, tell the truth. You took 2 years offto learn something about football....right? :slight_smile:

Excellent use of the emoji FootbalYouBet, good to see you take the time to read the updated guidelines ;D

Then can we get "sarcasm" emojis or fonts?
Is it OK to call a post idiotic, but not the poster?