New Forum Design Comments


  • Looks clean


  • No Ticat branding
  • TOO much white space. Have to scroll to see many topics rather than just glance.

Had trouble accessing forum to-day. Password no longer accepted, had to go through process of requesting a temporary password and then resetting my own. No too difficult, but a little frustrating.

White background seems too 'harsh', maybe too white and bright? Font when posting seems a little dim and faded. Maybe can be adjusted at the user end? Will check the settings link.

Board index takes me to the league board, and then I need to scroll down to Tiger-Cats, and Tiger-Cat Chat. Again, maybe can be adjusted at the user end, but a little annoying.

All in all, perhaps just a matter of getting used to the changes?

Can agree with everything you say. I normally access the forum through the team website so was surprised when that access was gone. Hope that it is on the “to-do” list! Also had to go and reset my password - wouldn’t accept the one I have been using forever until I went through the same process you describe. I think it will be OK in time but as you say, just a matter of getting used to a new look. They do need to add in the team colour soon (for those of us who are NOT red and black) and I hope that the depth of colour on the font can be adjusted (size for “normal” also seems small. Have voiced my concerns in the appropriate thread so we’ll see how this changes over the coming days.

This IMO is horrible....

It feels like I just jumped 10 years into the Windows 10 design world from good old XP.

Do you really need to tell me what time I registered over there under my user name?

I am glad they are still working to move some of my furniture from the old site to this new place. Maybe it will feel like home again soon.

Oskee wee wee

Could we have the 10 min. editing time limit increased to 1 hour or even better, remove it completely.

I just noticed that somehow I'm an All-Star. Number of posts, I guess.

Not a fan, at least give us back out colours, this is way to plain and boring

WOOO HOOOO!!! it is removed completely, Sully is the best :rockin:

Ugh! The old Tiger Cat forum had a comfortable homey feel to it. This colour scheme is blah. And in agreement with an earlier comment, too much white space, causing for too much need for scrolling.

LOL So did I - scrolled up to check after seeing your post. :lol:
We have a LONG way to go though to be "Hall of Fame" worthy (see HalftheDistance - I think)

9.5 years on this board... I feel like a Hall of

Really dislike all the RED text everywhere. Will take time to get used to being so boring without team colours somewhere.
So far not impressed. Same with the new CFL logo.

It does render much better on a mobile device. Automatically seems to adjust pretty well to a small form factor. I'm using Chrome on an S5. Easier to read than old site. I rarely use a desktop to access this site.

I suspect that was a major factor in the redesign.

And Sully has explained that he's working out the bugs on the main forum (in league colours) before rolling out the team-based styles. So while we aren't seeing our team colour pages yet, it is coming.

Everything changes. I don't deal well with change.

I too had to reset my password. Since the email address I had used to originally register ended when I switched internet providers (as I changed internet providers) I thought I might be unsuccessful. I had inquired about switching that email address to my current gmail address (but never got a reply) as I was considering switching internet providers. I have subsequently changed providers so my original email address no longer exists.

I had a very trying experience tonight in obtaining a temporary password - using both my previous and current email addresses. To complicate matters even further my user name was registered as Mikefromthehammer when I had to access my account and not Mikefrmthhammer as it actually appears.

To sum up I was almost positive I would have to re-register under a different name, like sigpig (and others I am sure) did on a previous refresh of the site.

Luckily using Mikefrmthhammer as my user name and my current gmail address finally worked which is how I am able to post once again. I guess my unanswered requests to change my email address actually were listened to - even though I never was advised.

A big WHEW from a relieved Mike.

The good news? Now that my account is associated with my gmail address I will never, ever, give that up, so a future refresh of the site should be much easier for me handle.


I am not impressed.

I too am not the least. :thdn:

I actually "Hate" the new logo and I assure you I will not buy "swag" with the new be it! It's that bad...YES. A child could have done better.

I'm really pissed because nobody listened to "us" the fans that make this league. The diehards. After all...up until this recent unneeded change it was known as "OUR LEAGUE".

Change for the sake of "change" is not a good thing.

I'm not impressed with our new "comish" either...he has "dropped the ball" in more than one way. He has a long way to go to "connect" with us fans. :roll:

It's OK, but needs some team colours!!

Every time theres a change it takes getting use to, so I'm for giving it time lads. :cowboy: