New Football Stadium in Kingston


Lookie what Queen's University is building:

[i]Stadium Complex

practice and competitive team facilities
spacious locker rooms and coaching facilities
dedicated change rooms
state-of-the-art training room
multiple meeting/breakout rooms
game quality night lighting for evening events
relocation of stadium along Sir John A. Macdonald Boulevard as prominent gateway to campus
improved spectator flow and accessibility
8,000 fixed seats
spectator suites [/i]

I realize that Kingston is too small and not enough of a regional centre to have their own CFL franchise, but it's always good to see money being put into football in this country. 8,000 is still a lot of seats, and from the artist's rendering it looks expandable. Who knows, maybe the CFL will pursue something similar to the upcoming arrangement with Moncton where either a regular or preseason CFL game could be held at a neutral site.

Congrats on the new stadium, Kingston and Queen's. Too bad your football team will never compare to the MUSTANGS!!!

GO WESTERN!!! :slight_smile:


A tiny bit more here:

[url=] ... &Itemid=36[/url]

As time goes on, we continue to see more and more universities in this country have more current stadium facilities than CFL stadiums albeit things could change as we know it in some CFL cities. I'm sure IWS in Hamilton would rank far below many CIS stadiums in areas like locker room facilities and such.

There is approx - 350,000 people+ living within an hours drive of Kingston
And Kingston does support their football at University level better than most. From the stadium renderings looks more seating than varsity stadium in Toronto on each side - so probably about 10,000 fixed seats or more,

As for CFL support - I'll pass for now. It would become the smallest market team in the league in Ontario with, Toronto 2 1/2 hours away and Ottawa less than 2.

Developments like this are good for CIS football, and IMO what's good for CIS football is good for both the CFL and high school football in Canada.

Kingston used to be a prominent city in Canada and hosted the Grey Cup game in the past...1924 comes to mind. :thup:

Good info Xv. Now that the CFL has control of the Cup, those days are over I'm afraid and part of me says unfortunate actually.

Queens currently is in the middle of building a new hockey arena as well. The old Jock Harty arena has been demolished to make way for the new arena and the Kingston Memorial center is the interim home of Queen's hockey.

My girlfriend and I attend the Queen's football games as often as my work schedule allows and it's always so much fun.
The university has been touting the stadium project for a couple of years now. Though I'm not sure what the time line is I have no doubt they will see the project through. They do a great job of investing in their infrastructure.

I would say that Trent University's soccer field, which is Field Turf, is much better than what you find on the field at Skydome.
I've been on both and there just isn't any comparison.

Wow! this has potential to be the second new stadium construction for a CIS program in Ontario within the last 2 years. Excuse me, while I go check if hell has in fact frozen over. About friggin time! Also, great to see that it appears to be a pretty significant design rather than the usual cost saving crap that could have been selected for the site. :thup:

Wow, I just saw this thread...looks AWESOME! I had no clue this was going on at Queen's in Kingston. What is the status of it? Any recent developments?

[url=] ... -standing/[/url]

sort of an update

Thanks for the update! Sounds like a good plan aside from the fake grass they want to put down. :thdn:

Glad to see that the Marauders will have a new place to beat the Gaels. :wink:

And then there is Canada's largest university, or close to it anyways, in Canada's largest city, with this. :lol:

Man if little ol' Kingston can do that, I would think mighty Toronto could do a tad better. :o

The problem with Varsity Stadium is that it's impossible to expand realistically. You'd have to close Devonshire and push into Woodsworth College because you can't push back the Varsity Arena and the Royal Music Conservatory because I believe it's a heritage building. You might be able to squeeze some stands in on the south side, but the North side isn't expandable either because there is no way Toronto is going to touch Bloor St.

Relocation also isn't really possible as the back and front campus fields aren't big enough to accommodate. I guess you could move it over Queen's Park. It's not like anything important is going on over there.

I don’t think there is anything wrong with Varsity Stadium. It looks pretty nice actually. I’ve never been to a game there, but I did watch a University Rush game that took place there this past season and it came off looking quite nice…aside from the lack of people for the first nationally broadcast UofT game in years…but that’s for another thread. lol

Only thing is…are there no stands on the near side?

There isn't anything wrong with it, if it's just going to be used for CIS Athletics, where you aren't likely to draw over 6,000. The problem is that the stands you see are nestled right up to a heritage building and can't be expanded, and the other side is right up against the sidewalk, there are no stands. It's a fence that's pressed up to the very edge of the track.

Perhaps think link might offer some insight.

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If could be expanded if they get rid of the track and build it in a deep pit.

Unfortunately there is no room upwards and in either endzone.

The original Varsity had no track and a horseshoe shaped stand for about 20,000 seats. The new stadium had the field offset to the west with only on grandstand to the east for whichever sub 10,000 seating they have today.

The site could accommodate a 25,000 seat stadium without the track as is and potentially more with a below grade field and a steep gradient to the seating.