New Food Choices

I hope that next year the powers that be will give consideration to healthier choices in food. Obviously, we cannot bring in any food and we love to come early to watch the practices and walk around. If there were chicken salads, whole wheat thin crust vegetable pizzas, anything that a person with sugar problems (and I am sure there are a whole bunch of us out there) could enjoy that would be very much appreciated.

I'm with you G girl.
I'd sure like to see some healthier food choices at the games myself. How about some subs on whole wheat buns. Pizza pizza has a great whole wheat crust pizza. I've also asked many times over for hot tea at the games as I don't like coffee or beer. Until I see that I'll continue to bring my own food in. :cowboy:

I agree with you guys.
It would be great if they also offered us a quaterback who could throw...on target...on whole wheat.

Hey Geoffrey,

Just wondering.......what the heck is a quaterback?
Is it a healthy food choice.
Let me know. :cowboy:

I don't like coffee or beer.
Please tell me I didn't read this!!! What else is there? Hortons and Lakeport (Amstel) built this city. I'll support them until I die (arrangements have already been made)

It has been for alot of defences around the league this year. :lol:

Ps.... forgot the R. ARRGGG!!! :oops:

Oh boy am I ever IN on this one... Darlin Husband too. We're vegetarians (nothing at all against everyone else - you're all good). We'd just like a few choices for us too PLEASE. I'd even pay a dollar extra for that veggie dog - how about a salad? (maybe not... cheap salads have skanky greens in them). Carrot sticks? Veggie and dip packages like the grocerie stores sell? Crackers and cheese packs like the grocery stores sell? Whole wheat buns with cheese in them??? We're not THAT hard to feed.

Yes I would really appreciate a wider menu. Nothing crazy like sushi or Thai...just some decent non-greasy options. We're not all offensive lineman trying to stay up at 300! Some of us are trying to lose weight!

I would pay more for these healthier options. Put a kiosk in somewhere near one of the beer booths. Lets see this next year! How about some apples for goodness sake!

(PS I will still buy beer)

This is not an unreasonable request.
In the Durham Region, the local health unit has insisted that municipal hockey arenas must serve some healthy food alternatives to the usual hot dogs and hamburgers. They are starting this year with two arenas and will expand after that. This is not because of some do-gooder, government-knows-best mentality....they said they are doing it because so many people who attend the hockey games have asked for it.

They should put a full sized fully staffed Tim Hortons outlet in Ivor Wynne... retro fit one of the outlets and make it happen.

Soup, Salads, Bagals, Sandwiches...

This is a great thread. I, for one, would love to be able to get a good corned beef sandwich at Ivor Wynne. How about letting Reardon's Meats set up a stand, to deliver this most delicious of delicacies to us poor, beef-starved fans? I would be good for one or two per game.

In addition to this, how about some good beer? Bud tastes like it's been drunk once already. It would be lovely to be able to get a Guinness or a Smithwicks.

I have had season's tickets for 20 years, and I still plan to be in Box J next season.

At a football game???

Now I've heard it all.
How about mint jubilees?
And would these sandwiches have the crusts removed as well?
Crackers and cheese would be nice also.

Any other suggestions?

This is Hamilton isnt it?

For the record, Tim Hortons sandwiches dont have crust on them. They are just as much a "Sub" as anything already being sold at Ivor Wynne.

Corn on the cob.

perfect , now all they need is a fancy toothpick in it for us fancy pants fans. :smiley:

How do you remove something that doesnt exist in the first place?

ahhh, you got me. I couldn't edit fast enough. :frowning:

Seriously folks!

If you people are so concerned about food - I'm more concerned about the insufferable on-field product - why not have the foresight to have a good bloody meal at home before you head out? Or, perhaps, stop at a nice restaurant on the way to the game?

Geez...when I go to any sporting event the last thing I expect is a varied menu with all manner of culinary delights.

how about chez in a can instead of real cheeze on the crackers? ALOT cheaper.

How about Spam on a bun? Klik on a stick? Avocado sushi? Cheez Whiz sandwiches? Think of the possibilities.

An Argo fan