New Food and Beverage Service at Ivor Wynne Stadium

New to Ivor Wynne Stadium, just in time for the Labour Day Classic, is StadiumVIP, a new service that will allow you to order food, soft drinks and Tiger-Cats merchandise on your Blackberry or iPhone. You can get StadiumVIP for your phone so you can skip the lines. Once you place your order, you will receive a message indicating that your order is ready for pick-up. You can pick-up your order at the proper concession stand in a dedicated StadiumVIP line, skipping the general public line. The fastest way to get food, soft drinks and merchandise during all Ticats games is with StadiumVIP.

To get StadiumVIP, click here, or text "SVIP" to 54500 using your Blackberry or iPhone to download the app today!

If you have any questions, please contact StadiumVIP by e-mail at

Way to ignore the fastest growing smartphone OS out there; Android.

Is that in the works? This is a good idea.

Fastest growing yes, still smallest in Canada by far.

I wanna know when are they going to offer food like in Star Trek, you press a button and voila, it gets materialized in one of those instant food contraptions. :wink:

Earl, they've had those devices for years. Just snap your fingers and your food appears,..

They call that device a "WIFE".

hahahahhaahahahahah good one Wilf. My wife is going to 3 days a week working in the fall so I'm hoping to cash in a bit more on that luxury or perhaps what all men deserve at some point - or women if they are the main bread winners. :wink:

It really helps the Android sales numbers when they have 2-for-1 sales as has occurred in the U.S. (IIRC, Motorola Droid on Verizon come to mind) :slight_smile:

This app won't load onto an Ipod Touch.

I thought it might work with wi-fi, but apparently not.

Another five year Bob Young plan ?

ya the want you to pay for the 3G and 4G Phones .. Sorry too much Money

Oh you did NOT just type that :roll: (sorry you earned that one)

You know you're lazy and self-important when you can't wait in line for your food. lol
I'm sure it will work well for some. Are any other teams doing this??

Why is using today's technology considered being lazy, and what is lazy about this, you still have to go GET your order

I think this is a fantastic idea and will certainly use it on Monday so I don't miss any of the action

Why not go a step further and bring your paid order to your seat? 10% delivery charge goes to the the person delivering.

I'm thinking that after placing the order from your seat, a parachutist should deliver it.

No head on the beer though please!

This app is horrible...
I just tried it and it the only blackberry it works on is the bold.

....I don't know if will actually work though. Most Hamilton / fans in the concession lines can't seem to figure out the in / out arrows so they are bound to get lost getting to the pick up windows.


So how did it go.

There certainly seemed to be double the facilities to serve the people.

Tried to read the small print/agreement, any surcharges

There is no free lunch..accepted.

but is the service any more expensive. Middle man takes from the customer or from the merchant or from the cats

They're delivering information about a product they hope people will use, of course it's advertising. But it's advertising by the owner of the site, which is totally different from morons spamming links to diet pills, etc. I mean, if the Ticats wanted, they could spam the site with links to diet pills etc., but people would probably get annoyed and stop coming to the site. :wink: I agree there probably aren't many people upset about the occasional topic posted by admins to promote Ticat-specific products and services.