Just heard a rumour that with Ottawa out of the League the CBC is cutting back on costs and that Don Cherry will be taking over the half time show commentary.
Give It To Them Grapes.
(He will have a solution to the Ottawa problem for sure)

He would probably want to eliminate the imports, giving jobs to Canadians, and then allow 15 yd penalty with no ejection for fighting.

Well he is almost as qualified to comment on football as hockey:
NHL - one game played, no championships
CFL - no games played, no championships
If you wrap yourself in the flag, are loud and bombastic, everyone (well not everyone) thinks you are clever. It doesn't even matter what you say. What a sad reflection on our society.

Wow, WCE.....I had no idea one had to play a sport to be qualified to comment on it......

You are right. I am sending in my application tomorrow :slight_smile:

IF Don Cherry knows his stuff about football, I’d love to see him, but I don’t want him on just for the sake of having Don Cherry. Cherry is very smart when it comes to sports dispite what some people think. He just gets a bad rap because he breaks the cardinal sin in this country…he’s openly proud of Canada. In this country we are suppossed to be quietly proud of Canada or we are labelled “flag wavers”. Canadians aren’t allowed to believe we are better than other countries much less say it like Cherry does. I think it couldn’t hurt to have that kind of national pride injected into a CFL broadcast. Heck, he may even bring a few hockey fans with him. But like I said at the beginning, only IF he really knows his football stuff, put him on. But don’t let him in on the show just because he’s Don Cherry.

LOL. Thats a funny joke… It is a joke right? Right? Oh please say yes!

I have heard that if Berry doesnt do well in the peg, they may hire Cherry to caoch.... :lol:

I would love to see Don Cherry become a football analyst. I think with a name like Cherry many Americans will want to tune in. He charismatic, and thats what you need to get ratings. I hate to say it, NFL has Madden, NHL has Barry Melrose or Cherry, NCAA Basketball has Dick Vitale, NCAA football has Lee Corso, MLB has Joe Morgan. Give him a chance, it can't hurt.

Cherry Berry
Dont know whether I should comment on that one or not.

This Don Cherry thing started off as a joke but as more and more people responded it might be a good idea after all.
Don might have a few interesting things to say about the CFL. Maybe the CBC could put him on for a night or two.
Are you listening CBC !

I like Don cherry to..just may be the CFL could have there own identity..
Guy like Walby, sitting beside Ron Maclean.....
I can here it now.." I tell ya, when I played the line, a finger in the eye was a clean move"...
Just might work...I think your on to something, Ziffle..

Do any of you guys remember that he was part of a the greycup commentating crew show one year. it was back in the late '80's or early '90's. He was at a pub the whole time with a mic interviewing fans who where watching the game and inserting liberal doses of his own wit/humor/rhetoric. I will never forget the very first thing out of his mouth when he first got on camera. he said "I LOVE the CFL. You know why I love it so much? Cause there are NO RUSSIANS!" LOL.

Hi Esquimaux
That is the funniest thing I have heard in a long time.

Don Cherry would work, really, but it would have to be as a play by play guy rather than an analyst since he isn't a football person from what I know. It would be neat to see him though, one thing he loves is pure contact and physical play and football provides that in spades, even more than hockey so it could be a nice fit.

Anybody would be better than that idiot Homer---Walby

Yup I'd take Cherry over Walby.....

Walby is just a poor analyst-- he always states the obvious, and when he does give an opinion, its more often than not competely useless, when the CBC had the strike and they did not use commentators-- they were the best games to watch last year!

Totally agree.....A game with No Walby is better than one with!

Walby does make up some very interesting words, personal favourite is "flustrated"..... :roll:

I hate to nit-pick but I do belive that Walby is the colour commentator!
You have to admit his comments are, well, colourfull.

To be honest he doesn't bother me at all. I just watch the game!