New Field Goal Kicker

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Ken Peters reports a new place kicker/punter is trying out for the Cats. :thup:

Good. Maybe that's why they cut Ruffin.
I believe Boreham's days are numbered.

ya numbered as in 60%!!

Did a search on Myers but couldn’t find much. What I did find was a 1AA weekly newsletter (2003)that said he was 11/13 at the time, with longest of 53 and 6 for 6 from 40 out. Like that last part! This was as a junior, didn’t have time to look further. Maybe the team will supply us with some of his background soon.

Just heard the Fan590 report, Boreham is sitting and Myers is in for Friday......

A Toronto station has inside info?

If that's true its great news. It will let all the players know that the time for excuses is over.

If this is true it is the best news I have heard in a while.

Looks like boremangirl is gonna have to change her name to myersgirl.

Man-o-man did she ever pick the wrong guy to root for. I hope she didn't pay $250 for a jersey with his name on the back!


Also reported Boreham is hurt.

Thank you, Thank You.... Finally... Let's hope he is better then Boreham (I know, that's not asking for much)

Again, leave borehamgirl out of these discussions, please.

He must have made an impression in the short time he has been here if they are going to play him already.

CHML is reporting that Myers and Cavil will be playing. Cannot confirm it on the depth chart (at this time).

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boreham girls going to have to change ur nick to myers girl

Oh isn't that clever?? That's totally the first time I'm ever heard that :roll: The name stays.

Thanks Sig.

Way to go, Boreham Girl. Stick to your guns and don't let any of these goons push you around.
Even though I agree with the elimination of Jamie Boreham from the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, based on his erratic consistancy, it wouldn't enter my mind to razz you about it.
I admire you for sticking to your convictions.
Whatever happens, doesn't make Jamie less of a person.

Who knows, he, like so many others, may come back and haunt us one day.

One more thing to remember is the fact that he isn't gone yet either.
Myers could be gone before we know it or he could also turn out to be our new saviour. Lets wait and see what develops.

Depth chart shows all 3 kickers suiting up. I wonder if Myers will be used on kickoffs for this game?

Hey you vultures, stop attacking Borehamgirl because of the fact that shes a fan of Boreham. She likes the guy so let her be. At least she has the guts to stick by a player of such low talent and playing ability. Changing your name ebcause of pressure makes you an unopinionated loser with no self-esteem. I didnt change when Brooks took Auggie's spot. So leave her be! VULTURES!

dont take no Guff Borehamgirl

c’mon i so played that to death when he first joined the team and she first joined the site…

its so old it could vote now guys…

good on ya for stickin up for her sigs.

Boreham did well in the last game and he can punt better than Fleming. Why is Fleming still starting?