new field design for '07

this is how i'd like to see most CFL fields look in '07:

obviously sub the ticat logos for whatever team is hosting.

notice small CFL logos on the 20 yard lines ( i know i didnt put enough lines for a proper field, but u get the idea ).

i don't know if there would be enough space for all the advertisements currently on the field, but if not, maybe the CFL should scrap ads on the field altogether and put ads only on the padding that goes around the field.


I'd like to see the playing surface and surrounding area at Ivor Wynne adorn more team logos and colours, ableit maybe a bit more subtle than your illustration. Its a good idea.

The league in recent years has reduced the number of ads on the field presumably as big sponsors shell out more money for fewer spaces.

I prefer the way FIFA has mandated that advertising has to be off the playing surface itself in soccer. Of course in soccer we instead have sponsors taking up the focus on the team jersies instead.

I think the CFL should look at investing in some of the advertising media that soccer uses around its pitch including the scrolling boards and LED video displays. Maybe that could get some of these logos off the field.

I don't mind that much in any case.

The only problem, as I see it... is that your proposed field is only about 2 inches x 4 inches. It's far too small to field a team of twelve.


LMAO!! Well played.

Nice design D_G I'm not a big fan of the ads on the field.

I really couldn't care less about those adds... I have absolutely no idea who sponsors any field/competition/sign at the Esks games

heres a few more:

Explore Tom Lott

Explore Tom Lott

Explore Tom Lott

Explore Tom Lott

If memory serves me CORRECTLY, it has been POSTED in the past that the MATERIAL of the playing surface is NOT CONDUCIVE to a PAINT JOB ...

If it were POSSIBLE, I would wholeheartedly support any EFFORTS to LOBBY for the LOGOS.


if the ticats ever get a home playoff goame, they will have to SOMEHOW put on the scotiabank logo center field, as well as alot of other they can do this, im sure.

the bc lions dont have any ads on thier field for reg.season games, so they should beable to do this...

and the eskims use real grass, so they can do this too.

the bombers already have a nice looking field.

i dont think the stdium surface can b done like this though because it is owned by the city of hamilton n not jhust the tiger-cats

I think you're right - I think I heard that they have to cut out a chunk of the field and stitch in an already prepainted replacement and that doing that too many times destroys the field.

In light of the technology available these days to Television Broadcasters, would it not be easier to super impose any logos or advertisements the same way the networks show the "first down line"?

The Bassman.

Remember...corporate sponsors provide alot of money to the team which in turn lowers our ticket prices. Also if you superimpose the logo those in the stands cant see it, which the Corps. want.

I dunno, I see only 18 lines instead of 23, with the space between them being all over the place. I dont thing that would work for me.

ya think?

What if companies pay more to have their logos actually painted on the field rather than on billboards to the side?(I'd assume they do) We don't really know or understand all of the details involved in this.

I've heard this said many times now, but I am unclear about the Ticats turf specifically. The Argos had a scheduling problem last year with the Blue Jays playing the very next day, and there wasn't enough time to put down the Argos turf and then take it up and put the Jays turf back in, so what they did was the Argos played on the Blue Jays turf, but they put lines on the field, and AMAZINGLY the next day the Jays played their games with no football lines on the turf.

How did this happen? Do they have some kind of magic field turf that we don't have? I have a tough time buying the idea that they can't paint logos, or ads for that matter, onto our turf.

In any event, let's get some logos on the field! We used to have huge leaping tigers in the endzones, and they looked great. Either paint them back on, or whatever has to be done, let's get these logos back.

Finally, I also am not a big fan of the ads on the field but I do realize advertising is a necessary evil. I'd much rather have the playing surface free of ads, charge more for the ads around the sidelines or for commercial time on tv (note: don't make commercials 5 minutes long like the nfl).

isn't it also dangerous to have paint on the field? doesn't it get slick, especially in wet weather?

The white lines/hashmarks are white blades of plastic, done in the manufacturing process.
However, you could make the design by hand ( sew in each blade individually ) but that is highly unlikely, unless you want to volunteer.
Paint is out.

Here's the scoop....

The logos on the Tiger-Cats field are not painted. They actually cut out the green sections and replace them with white turf. Therefore, they never need painting and they don't fade. We generally only do this for sponsors that sign multi year deals so that we don't have to do this too often. In the event that we host a playoff game (keep our fingers crossed for this year) we would have to replace some of the logos. For instance, Budweiser would become Molson Canadian and Rogers would replace Primus as they are both league sponsors and not team sponsors. We would likely do this by painting our current field templates green and then have the CFL paint over that.

Another thing that is slightly different with our field is that we only do field logos in white. We feel this keeps it cleaner and it shows up better. When you play golf, you probably use a white ball on the green grass, right?

As for the end zones, I liked the huge leaping tigers we had, but to be fair, if we were to replace the end zones with what you have suggested, the cost to stitch this in would be hundreds of thousands of dollars!

Hope this helps.