New feature - Photo grids!

this is a photo montage from this past weekend’s games. photos courtesy of the CFL site.


to do this, upload photos (or copy and paste from source) in the order you want them to appear and then put [grid]...[/grid] tags around the photos code in the post composer. they will be automatically sized with links to the larger images. when enlarged, you can also scroll through them with the arrows on either side. photos do not have to be the same size and the grid tags will automatically size them to fit nicely.

i have added buttons to the composer toolbar that will put uploaded photos in a grin or align them with text left or right.

for example, the code looks something like this in the post composer when i upload the images and add the grid tags with the buttons:

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having fun :slight_smile:


These look awesome. It’ll be great to be able to have photos side by side!

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that first photo in the OP :cry:


Retro CFL Photos:

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here is an example using a great photo of Masoli; i hope it is not the last time he gets to run down the tunnel in full gear.

i love black and white photos, especially in this case. there is a somber foreshadowing going on …


What the Jaguars may have in Nathan Rourke - From Jacksonville Jaguars Notebook

It is hard to get a lot of reps at quarterback when are third in the pecking order, so this week has been a great chance for Jaguars’ quarterback Nathan Rourke to show the Jaguars what they have. The former CFL standout has been the only quarterback to get reps during minicamp after Trevor Lawrence and C.J. Beathard were given the week off, a period that has helped show what he brings to the table.

From our perspective, Rourke is the type of quarterback who makes sense to develop in the No. 3 role. He has more zip to his passes and natural arm talent than other No. 3 quarterbacks who have come into Jaguars’ camp in recent years, while also showing some solid accuracy on his deep ball. The down-to-down accuracy is still a work in progress, but Rourke has been intriguing enough to keep an eye on.


Select all images with
Click verify once there are none left.

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ahahaha YOU ARE NOT A BOT!!

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i will build an component to add buttons to the post composer toolbar to automate the image grid and alignments so users won’t have to use any of that code.

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ok i developed a component that adds some buttons to the toolbar for this. there is now a grid button, image align left or right buttons, and an image centering button on the composer toolbar.

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also added button to center images (and or text) on page

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