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Hey there Ti Cat fans! My name is Jake and I am from the US, Indiana to be exact. I am a huge NFL fan, especially the Indianapolis Colts and my dad recently got ne interested in watching some CFL. I played college football for the Univerdity of Indianapolis way back from 09 to 2011, so you could say I am a pure blood for the sport.

I kind of feel like I am jumping on the Tiger Cats band wagon after falling in love with the team in their playoff victory against the BC Lions. Not only did I enjoy watching the team, but I enjoyed watching the fan base and I want to become a loyal fan.

I hope I can connect with some of you as fans, so I can learn more about the team and the league. I am still learning some of the different rules compared to the NFL rules. But one of my major hobbies is scouting football players. So maybe if someone who is a die hard Hamilton fan and a fan of player scouting then maybe you can become sort of a pen pal to me and help me learn the entire system of the league and also the depth chart of the Tiger Cats.

Anyways I hope I am welcomed to join the fan base because I am excited to watch the Tiger Cats in the Eastern Finals this Sunday.


Some of the biggest rule differences that you may i.e. may not have noticed:

-3 downs
-Anyone behind line of scrimmage is allowed to move pre snap
-12 players per side
-Field is 60 x 110 with 20 yard end zones
-D has to line up a yard off the line of scrimmage.

  • Punt team has to stay 5 yards away from the ball until the other team touches it
  • if the ball is kicked through the end zone it’s worth a point
  • the uprights are on the goal line so missed field goals are essentially treated like punts


One other add to the thorough list above - no fair catch.

And the punter/kicker and anyone behind the ball when it's kicked is allowed to recover it, so the returner can't just let it come to a stop and leave it on the ground.

A small point ticat1, and I stand to be corrected, but I believe the rule is that a ball kicked into the end zone must be brought out over the goal line by the receiving team. If not, a point is awarded to the kicking team, which is called a "rouge".

You are correct in that a ball kicked through the end zone is worth a point. But I believe that is only because it is out of play and therefore cannot be brought out by the receiving team. However, I believe this part of the rule does not apply to kick-offs, unless it is the action of the receiving team that causes it to go out of bounds.

It is a picky point, to be sure, but the point scored is NOT awarded to the kicking team for a "missed field goal" for example, or for kicking the ball out of bounds, but because the receiving team failed to advance a ball that was kicked into their end zone, out of their own end zone. Unfortunately, we often hear the TV commentators say "a point for the miss".

Again, I stand to be corrected by those on the forum who are well versed in the Rules of Play!

It's even bigger ... The field is 65 yards wide.

I really appreciate all of the input. I love the differences of the game. Thank you all for taking the time to inform me.

I'm pretty sure I've seen a rogue (it's French for red and is pronounced "roosh" where the sh is a soft g sound) scored on a kick off when a penalty was applied to the recieving team so the ball was kicked from closer to the end zone.

If the receiving team fails to advance the ball out of the end zone after a kickoff and downs the ball, then that team has the option of awarding the kicking team a single point and scrimmaging from the 35-yard line, or NOT letting the kicking team be awarded a point and then scrimmage from the 25-yard line.

And if your team loses you have to post fire the coach and get a new QB :slight_smile:

About the kicking game, simply put:

whenever the ball is propelled by foot - punt or (place) kick, it must be taken and attempted returned by the receiving team

Punt - No ‘fair catch’ - the kicking team must allow a five yard protected area for a member of the receiving team to field the ball. If a kicking team member is within five yards of the first receiving team player to touch the ball, the offending team is penalized 15 yards if caught on the fly, or five yards if taken after hitting the ground. The punter, or any kicking team player behind the punter is exempt from this rule and may recover the ball for the kicking team, first and ten.

Missed field goal - must be run out and over the goal line by the receiving team or the kicking team is awarded a point. (this includes a kicked ball going out of bounds behind the goal line. The ball is in play for anyone until whistled dead.

Hope this helps. IMO one of the most exciting plays in the Canadian game is the play of a missed field goal because the kicking team is usually the regular offensive team, not the special.

Welcome to the game -enjoy

Welcome to the cfl and ticats hahn nation. One thing to note as that we need to start 7 Canadian born players that are supplied to us from American and Canadian Universities via our CFL draft. Typically the players tend to start at Center and two Offensive guards. The remaining 4 usually start at a receiver position, safety, defensive tackle and maybe linebacker. There are exceptions when a team has an elite Canadian player that can start almost anywhere with QB position being the least likely. The CFL salaries are very low as they range from about 55 thousand for rookies and up about 300 thousand for star players usually qb’s. The average salary is probably about 90 thousand or so. Since the field is so wide we tend to have smaller and faster players and mobile qb’s. An example might be that a guy players outside Linebacker in the US and he might play defensive end in the cfl. I like the cfl having 3 downs meaning each down is more critical and you cant really waste a down by throwing it away. Also, you are never really out of a game in the cfl because with three downs you can get the ball back quickly and the wide field and extra receiver really opens things up.

Tying in with that point, we have smaller rosters than the NFL (Someone more knowledgeable than me will know the numbers)

Great to have you on board. I guess you feel a little more like Hahn Solo as of now.
You mentioned you were into scouting as a hobby. We have a 24 yr. old RB/Fullback prospect for you. He attended mini-camp with Carolina Panthers prior to signing with us. Since then I would say he’s gotten bigger and faster. A really dedicated player. He was the starter in our lineup for one game very early in the season when our starter was injured. He ran for 133 yards including a game breaking 44 yard touchdown and was included among 3 players of the week. He never started a game again all season. He is given the rock occasionally. Last week in the game you watched he had one carry for 25 yards. He is an underutilized wrecking machine at 6’2, 220 lbs, but June doesn’t/won’t recognize it. Anyway…that’s my 2 cents as far as obvious prospects. His name is Mercer Timmis.

Thank you all! I really appreciate the welcome and information.

I'm very good with knowing players coming out of college. Matter of fact a few of the stars in the CFL are players I have scouted out before, but of course I am finding new ones in this league due to the Canadian players that I don't really get to see much. I'm very familiar with Nick Marshall(Rough Riders), Henoc Muamba (Alouettes) who was first drafted by my Colts, and Posey(Lions) who played for my fan favorite college Ohio State. I will without a doubt check out Timmis. And please if you ever have more names I will check them out. More than likely I might know them well. Thank you Synth Cat for responding to my scouting question.

I will say that the Tiger Cats have a very skilled offensive lineman in Brandon Revenberg. I played offensive line at UIndy and he played for our rival team at Grand Valley State. I see a lot of potential with the younger guys on the team so far, which is another reason I have found a love for the Tiger Cats. I of course really enjoy watching Masoli, Tasker, Soeedy B, Breaux, and Lawrence. But the Tigercats have special upcomers in the making. Addison is definitely a guy who has caught my attention.

And I always appreciate the Star Wars reference and puns. I enjoy having my last name.