New fan, what team?

To be honest, I didn't even know there was a Canadien league. :frowning: But when I learned there was, I looked at the rule differences from the NFL, and decided I liked it a lot better already. I've been watching some videos and really did like the look of the play. I am now trying to decide what team I will support come this June. If anyone has some reason I should like a team over another, give it to me, this is your chance to recruit another fan. Nothing based on location as I live in the States. 8)

Great to see a new CFL fan... :thup:

In all honesty... every team in this league is great in their own way. Each club has their own history, their own reputation, their own unique fan base. Here's a rundown...

B.C. Lions - the youngest team in the league, established in 1954. Have won 5 Grey Cups. They have been very successful over the years, including the past few. Won their first Grey Cup in 1964, and their last in 2006. Good, solid fanbase. Great players include Lui Passaglia, Joe Kapp, 'Swervin' Mervyn Fernandez, just to name a few.

Edmonton Eskimos - the most successful team in the modern CFL (1958-present). Winner of a whole bunch of Grey Cups, including 5 straight in the late 70s, early 80s. There's never been many 'rebuilding' seasons with this team, they always seem to transition flawlessly from one era to the next. Known for producing great QBs such as Damon Allen, Matt Dunigan, Tom Wilkinson, Warren Moon. Another notable player is 'Gizmo' Williams, a fan favourite not just to Eskimo fans, but fans of the CFL in general. A very good (and rightfully proud) fan base.

Calgary Stampeders - Current Grey Cup champ. The team of the '90s IMHO... it seemed the road to the GC always ran through Calgary in that particular decade. A good fanbase, as with all Western teams. Winner of 6 Grey Cups since 1948. A special note about this team... they are the ones who made the Grey Cup a national party (in 1948). Notable players include Doug Flutie, Wayne Harris, Alondra Johnson, and Allen Pitts, just to name a few.

Saskatchewan Roughriders - the proudest fan base in the Canadian Football League. Winner of 3 Grey Cups, but have participated in many more. Had some lean years on the field, for a while, but their fan base is unwavering no matter how the team does. Won the Grey Cup in 2007. Also participated in 2 excellent Grey Cups -- in 1989 (which they won) and 1976. Notable players include Ron Lancaster, George Reed, Don Narcisse, and Ray Elgaard. Roughrider players are well-known in Saskatchewan, almost to the point of celebrity status.

Winnipeg Blue Bombers - Winner of 13 Grey Cups since 1935. A great team surfaced in Winnipeg in the late 50s and early 60s. Again, a very good fan base, they love their players and are fiercely loyal. Notable players include Milt Stegall, Ken Ploen, Leo Lewis, Chris Walby. They are constantly changing from West to East, back and forth, due to constant division realignment from the league. Most Bomber fans seem to prefer being in the West. Last Grey Cup win was in 1990, but have been in a few since then.

Hamilton Tiger Cats - Unfortunately, Ticat fans, don't have much to cheer about the past few years. Known for having strong defenses in the past, particularly in the '60s and '80s. Ticat fans are very loyal to their team, but are also known to give the team a very hard time when struggling. Hamilton is a blue collar town by tradition, and their fans carry this reputation as well. Players have a hard time playing in Hamilton due to the closeness of the fans and the heckling of the fans as well. Winner of 8 Grey Cups since 1950, the last being in 1999. Notable players include Angelo Mosca, Garney Henley, and Grover Covington. Traditionally very hard-nosed reputation (except the past few years).

Toronto Argonauts - The Argonauts are the rivals of the Hamilton Tiger Cats, and contrast the Ticats, by portraying themselves as slightly more upscale. Despite this, Hamilton has won the all time head to head against the Argos. They are known for signing many washed up NFLers such as Andre Rison, Mike Vanderjagt (the second time), and Bethel Johnson. Also had Ricky Williams for a brief time. Winner of the most Grey Cups of all CFL teams, the most recent being in 2004. Notable players include PInball Clemons, Paul Masotti, and Condredge Holloway. Very flashy reputation.

Montreal Alouettes - the Beasts of the East the past few years, due to the incompetence of the Ticats and the inconsistency of the Blue Bombers and Argos. A very good fan base. They were very successful in the '50s and '70s. They were lousy in the '80s and the franchise folded for about 10 years, before resurfacing. Since then, they have been very successful, although winning only one Grey Cup in that time (2002). Altogether, they have won 5 Grey Cups. Notable players include Mike Pringle, Hal Patterson, Sam Etcheverry, Peter Della Riva and Anthony Calvillo.

There you go... my take on the CFL teams. My best advice though is to watch a few games and see for yourself which team suits you the best.

Good luck in your quest and enjoy the CFL.


The Toronto Argonauts, of course.

Oldest professional sports team in North America, most Grey Cups out of any team (no matter what Hamilton tries to tell you), storybook resurgence in popularity in a city heavily saturated with professional sports franchises, best personalities (Adriano "Kissing Bandit" Belli, Zeke "and Destroy" Moreno, and Michael "Pinball" Clemons), lots of community outreach, looking to make a big impact coming off a rebuilding season (unlike Hamilton, which is in PERPETUAL rebuilding season).

And most importantly, Toronto is pretty much the best part of the country. We're the envy of literally every other part of the country, and our people are loved and respected by their countrymen from coast to coast. Hahaha, no seriously, every team would love to beat Toronto, so it's fun to squash their silly little hopes :slight_smile:

(now that I've sufficiently enraged the entire message board, cue the discussion!!! :wink:)

my suggestion is to watch a few games.
We have some many explosive players so pick a guy that makes you go WOW and go with that team.
As a Roughie fan, we have a 2nd year receiver (Dressler) that won rookie of the year, I expect huge games from him
But you cant go wrong with other huge impact receivers

Lewis -Calgary
Bruce- Toronto
Rodriguez - Hamilton

Wow, I can't begin to tell you what's wrong with the fictional garbage being spewed by this clown...

First of all, I wouldn't call it a storybook resurgence. When the Argos get daily coverage in the Toronto papers, then we can call it that. When Torontonians stop saying they have '3 major sports teams... oh, and the Argos'... then we'll call it that.

'coming off a rebuilding season'????????? When was last year supposed to be a rebuilding season???? You got your saviour KJ to come in and light up the scoreboard. You were supposed to be contenders and you stunk. Hamilton managed to beat you twice. Don't cover up last year's failure by calling it a 'rebuilding season'.

'Colourful personalities' are on every team. Not just the Argos.

The center of the Universe garbage I'm letting go... Fine. You're the center of the Universe.
Let the babies have their bottle. :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

I'm a BC Lions fan and our team has been a powerhouse in Vancouver over the past 5 or 6 seasons, but you might also want to try the Sask Roughriders. Although they play in a small city, they have fans across Canada and around the world...and the Riders may be easier to follow from afar... :smiley:

Hahaha, priceless! Good on ya, quit being s'darn polite.

It became a rebuilding season once we realized how awful we were, duh! At least Las Vegas thought we were in good shape heading into the season.


An underacchieveing team in a poor sports city. The largest potential fan base but can't support their team. Most Grey Cups but primarily as an amateur rugby team not a professional football team. The envy of nobody in Canada, pretty much a band wagon city which has little to cheer for in the last 3 decades. Poor football team, poor hockey team, terrible basketball team(as if anyone cares). Pretty much a loser city.

(now that i've sufficiently exposed TO for the wannabe city it is, carry on)

Very true... not only did they win many of their GCs as an amateur team, but only like 3 teams competed for it back then. What a powerhouse! :wink:

AND you'd double their fan base!

haha, lots of hostility toward toronto in the CFL. Already used to it though, I gotta say, the leafs are pretty horrible.

Seriously, my main concern was picking a team that would make me a total bandwagoner cause they've won a bunch of GC over the past 10 years. But it looks like the teams are pretty balanced. Although for this reason I'll probably rule out Edmonton.

go with the argos because everybody hates us which makes it that bit sweeter when we win. but yeah everyone does hate us, i'm not even from north america and when i went to the grey cup wearing my argos stuff around montreal i got some grief from every other teams fans :lol: . people just hate toronto for some stupid reasons.

as long as you don't support the rough riders, alouettes or ticats you'll be good in my book. :wink:

If you like a challenge, I have a team for you. :wink:

Or, well, I hope to have one soon...

Seriously, where in the States are you? 'Cause it might play into it. You might have easier access to your new team.

I’m located in Cleveland, Ohio. But I’m not too concerned about access. My Hockey team is in colorado, so I’m used to just sticking with a team on TV/internet. I don’t like traveling anyways. :frowning:

I think I’ve narrowed it down to Montreal (same colours as my hockey team), Hamilton (same colours as my NFL team), or Winnepeg (cool looking colours)

All right then. Stop right there, and let them compete in 2009 for the rights to your affection. :wink: Maybe as you follow them you'll naturally grow to like certain players, coaches, etc.

If you go with Montreal, I can assist in teaching you a wide variety of French profanity for when things aren't going so well. :thup:

Hamilton is really the only team anyone should consider for no other reason than the team colours and that it is simply the best francise in the league bar none. Forget about our record the last few seasons, just a small blip on the history map of the greatest CFL team in history (well the Argos have more GC wins than anyone I think but we'll forget about that one :wink: )

OK, sounds good (@ crfadmin). Now June just needs to come faster!

Hamilton has 3 cups in 40 years and have been the league doormats for the last 7 years, cross them off your list.

Montreal would be a no,they will break your heart in the Grey Cup game. You don't need that drama every Nov.

Winnipeg, something is going to happen, may be like a car accident and have to watch or may surprise. They are the team that has the gone the longest with out a cup. ( 1990 )

Calgary, The champs and fun to watch, have the smartest coach in the league

Sask ,only 3 cups in 70 years . Fans are in love with them in the last few years,so a fun place to watch a game. Thats when, there not throwing full beer cans at players or opposing fans. They also haven't discovered the plastic cup !

BC good football team and fans are starting to support them again,but if there losing, the fans abandon them like the titanic.

Edm the best run franchise in the history of the cfl,but fans are spoiled with Grey Cups and act like it. Have not won a cup since Hugh Cambell their old coach,GM , president and the real commissioner of the cfl retired.

Toronto , they think supporting the Argos are beneath them and go to any lounge or bar in the city on a sunday and you will have NFL games on the big screen TV's . Even when the Argos are playing. Used to be a great cfl city.

the Rough Ride or Explosion...

kasps doesn't have a handle on things, forget what he says, he doesn't know what he's talking about.