New fan to the CFL

Hello everybody, I'm new to the CFL, I started watching it last year, thought I would give it a chance and I enjoy it. I'm from Wisconsin.

I'll start rooting for Ottawa once they start up, right now I just watch the CFL casually not rooting for anyone right now.

I'm a football and baseball fan, and being from Wisconsin you can guess what three teams I'm a diehard for
Packers, UW Badgers Football, and the Brewers.

Will Adrian McPherson be in avaliable in Ottawa's expansion draft?

I think the CFL should really have more teams, if there not many other places to have teams in Canada, they should try expanding to the U.S. again, but only to states that do not have NFL teams.

Welcome. Remember the golden rule, Tiger-Cats and Vikings are a match made in heaven, when the Cats win the Grey Cup and Vikings and Super Bowl in the same year, there will be peace on earth and all goodwill to men. :wink:

Baseball, Detroit Tigers all the way and college football, Western University here (or Guelph :wink: ), and Notre Dame in your country.

I'll leave the more teams discussion for others, it's been discussed here ad nasum on other threads.

But again, welcome!

Greetings cflfanhere.
Welcome to the exciting game of the CFL. :thup:

re: McPherson, a free agent this Feb.15, could be available to Ottawa if not protected during the 2014 dispersal draft.
Each existing CFL team is able to protect one primary QB, the rest being privvy to Ottawa who may only choose two QB's in total from the draft.

and yes, the CFL needs more teams with possible considerations in Quebec City and Halifax bandied about in most discussion circles and acknowledged by Commissioner Cohon in a couple interviews.
Stadiums need to be upgraded and/or constructed for this to occur, including procurement of ownership groups.

BTW, the Saskatchewan Roughriders are similar in context to the Packers (small market, passionate following) which may be a team to your particular affinity.

all the best.

Welcome to the best place in the world to be a football junky, being a CFL fan extends the football season from July 1st season opener to Feb and the Super Bowl. Eight wonderful months a year for me! A football fan in Canada can watch it all CIS, NCAA, CFL and NFL. From where I live I can attend 5 CIS cities 2 NFL cities 3 NCAA cities and 2 CFL cities all within 3 hours. Go a little further and the possibilities are endless.

I was lucky enough to experience a couple of Packer games live a few years back, WOW what a wild time it was, a few years later I got to a Saskatchewan game in Regina and couldn’t believe it was more passionate and even wilder then the Green Bay experience.

There’s one for your bucket list.

Welcome and enjoy the longer football season!

Welcome! :rockin:

Welcome. Go Ottawa Red Blacks :wink:

Thanks for the advise on Saskatchewan, much appreciated man, have you ever been to Madison, WI for a UW Badgers home game? The atmosphere is awesome and the "Jump Around" after the 3rd quarter is nuts! And there are plenty of great house parties and parties at bars to go to after the game.

They suck, like the Argos. :stuck_out_tongue:

So the Ottawa Franchise's name is going to be Red Blacks? Damn, I might just become a fan of the closet team to me, which is Winnipeg.

Winterpeg, where nothing is in site but a few buildings in the middle of a flat wasteland. :wink:

Hey, that's my kinda town! :smiley:

And is Ottawa's name going to be for sure the Red Blacks?

I don't think they know yet, probably down to 4-5 names. They're supposed to be doing some 'focus group' stuff on Wednesday. :smiley:

Always nice to have another CFL fan from the US on board. A great league that is hitting a stride that no one would have ever thought possible. Enjoy the games. Hopefully the CFL and NBC Sportsnet can give us a great schedule of games this year. Other than the NBC sportsnet ESPN3 webcast every game live! Miss a game and you can catch the VOD on Great first class quality webcast on both Networks.

Does the replay of a cfl game also include those horrible commercials?

Welcome to the game. I'm an Argos fan andin baseball obviously I root for the Jays but have a liking for the Cubs and being of Irish background I don't really have an NFL team but like the Irish at Notre Dame.

Support the Argos....

New fan welcome! Copied from a post in another thread and spread the word!:

Well keep spreading the word all, and NBC will help when in starts to promote the CFL in June and most American sports fans have nothing to turn to but MLB, MLS, NHL (most don't like it unlike up there), NBA, or NASCAR. I know more and more folks nowadays, except perhaps the NHL down here in the Tampa Bay area, who don't like any of these options any more.

And there are more and more with football withdrawal like me as I had many years before I checked out the CFL in 2009.

In July and August there is not much going on even in the sports in progress after hockey and basketball are well done, and then even on Labor Day Weekend down here as is ridiculous, so the CFL should be more and more where it's at I think especially on Friday and Saturday nights.