If there was no wind, and with Setta kicking, I'd kick it out of there. But today, even he wasn't punting more than 35 yards into that wind. And the time in the 4th he did kick it, the Riders got the ball on the Tabbies 43.

You can also think of it as the defence earning the two points by pinning the team so deep that a punt would put the opponent in field goal range. I'm not a huge fan of the Safety, but sometimes it does have its place. It's definitely better this year now that the kickoff is from the twenty five. Punting from even just five yards deep in your endzone would require a sixty yard kick to put the other team at mid-field (the 55) with no return. More than likely they'll get at least five yards though (if not ten or fifteen and maybe a no-yards call too). That's means a near-automatic three points at least. So the Safety makes sense. Kick it off from the twenty five and try and put the other side on their own forty five or so.

Actualy it would only require a 45 yard punt.
Punts are counted from the line of scrimage, not from the 14 yards back where the ball is actually kicked

The CFL changed the rule on safety after Fans asked for the rule to be changed SO there wouldnt be so many safeties, Now it seems to be the Call of choice for Ticats H.C to give the other team points and i cant figure it out either. :?

Why do teams concede the safety and give 2 points to their opponents? The reason is that teams respect opponents and 2 points is less than probable 3 points from a field goal or 7 points from a touchdown. In bad field position, teams choose the option that minimizes damage or the lesser of 3 evils.

Yes, I know WHY they do it. It just annoys me. Why give them 2 points when you could force them to earn 3? kick returners do miss play the ball, field goal kickers do miss field goals (Being a lifelong Buffalo Bills fan I know this all too well. :cry: ) even fumbles and interceptions happen from time to time. Make them EARN the points. If they get 3 or 7 atleast they earned it.

What if your defence is having a bad night? What if your kicker is kicking into the wind? Etc. There are a lot of factors to consider.

You are forcing them to earn 3
If you punt from 5 yards deep in the endzone an average 45 yard punt will be fielded at the 55. An average 10 yard return will give the opposition the ball at your 45. Its almost an automatic fieldgoal.....1 first down and it is automatic

If you give them 2, you kick off from the 25. An average 60 yard kick with a 15 yard return will give them the ball at their 35 yard line. 2 points saves 3(sorta) and gives you an extra 30 yards

Here's something that's been bothering me for years about this safety argument of 2 vs 3 points. When you kick it away and they get a field goal... you get the ball back after that. When you kneel down and give up 2... you still give the ball to them. Nobody ever points that out. It's not 2 vs 3 points, it's 2 points and a loss of possesion vs 3 points. So you're basically turning the ball over for 1 extra point.

Also, I'd like to point out that when people say that teams used to do this all the time... that's completely wrong. Teams never used to give up the safety. If you re-watch the 89 Grey Cup game, both teams would always punt it out from their endzone. And that was a game where the defenses were not doing anything. In fact on one Hamilton punt, the kicker bobbled the snap and was tackled for a safety and the announcers considered it a huge gain for the Riders.

If you're 5 yards deep in your end zone you will still have to physically kick the ball 60 yards to get it to mid-field. It doesn't matter where the line of scrimmage is and what the official length of the kick is.

They also earned it by pinning you so deep you are forced to give up two to limit the damage.

You're right DMPC, it hasn't always been so common. I remember in the "Wind Bowl" Grey Cup in 1965, Winnipeg conceded several safeties to Hamilton because they could hardly punt past the line of scrimmage into the wind, but it seemed totally weird and radical as a strategy (especially when the punter ran back 10-15 yards to do it!). But in those days I think they kept possession after a safety; that rule was changed later to decrease the incentive to concede voluntarily. Normally safeties back then were sacks. Maybe in the ethos of those times conceding a safety just wasn't considered sportingly respectable as a regular tactic.

Incidentally, it didn't work, and my hero Kenny lost his final GC appearance. :cry:

What I am saying is
You make it sound like you need an exceptional punt of 60 yards to get it to center field when in reality, it is an average punt calculated as 45 yards

And what I'm saying is you still need to kick it 60 yards if you're 5 yards deep in the end zone. 55+5=60. I understand your point that from the line of scrimmage it is only roughly 45 yards, but the kicker doesn't kick from the line of scrimmage. From the time foot meets ball the ball must travel 60 yards to mid field.

forget it

And another discussion dies on the Plains of Arithmetic. :frowning: