Hey guys,

Went to my first ticat game, had cheap seats, but it was still worth it, great game, enjoyed watching a vet like kevin glenn comeback and defeat his old team. I enjoyed the heckling of the spygate professor coach kelly. I also enjoyed the crowd tonight, I figured i'd come here and sign up since im always reading these forums.

Oskie Wee Wee

Nice game for your first time!

Welcome to the board.

8) Welcome aboard "weezy97" !!! Nice to actually hear from someone on here that has positive things to say about their game day experience !!!
  That is a welcome change for sure  !!!!

For your first game, you got a helleva show.

Cheap seats great seats it does not matter. Ivor is the best venue in the CFL and the Cats made it a night to Remember for you. Welcome to the board and hope your a fan for life.