New fan Argo advice

Are there restrictions to what you can bring into the stadium? For instance, here in Houston most stadiums won't let you bring in umbrellas.

Being as you say your from Texas , :cowboy_hat_face: I'd advise you leave your 6 shooter at home along with the umbrella and you should be fine . :open_umbrella: + :gun: = :no_entry_sign:

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No worries there

Cheers :beers:

Can I bring my horse? :racehorse:

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LOL . Only if the Stampeders are in town . :laughing:


International TV feeds are here:
Assuming you don't have Canadian channels down south

Usually the most popular game for Argos imo is the Ex tickets but this year cancelled due to Covid and all...

Otherwise an Argo vs Ti-Cat game would be the one to watch assuming you don't have a second fav team


Even at that, BMO doesn't have enough space on the sidelines for the horse to ride. When Calgary was in the 2016 CG. Horse stayed home.

It's not as far fetched as you may think

But they would have access to ESPN2 and ESPN+ for all CFL games in the US

The link I posted would have more games I suspect
Does ESPN carry entire season or just specific games / weeks?
I do not have access to them (and said schedule for US broadcast not released yet)

The way it used to work up until the last CFL season was that ALL games were streamed on ESPN+ and previous to that it was ESPN3.
Now it's confusing because, they don't stream the games that are shown on ESPN2 or ESPN news. But all CFL games that are not on ESPN2/ESPNNEWS are streamed on ESPN+
When ESPN had the ESPN3 streaming service ALL CFL games were streamed. If you were a ESPN subscriber you could stream all CFL games.
Then ESPN dropped ESPN3 and created ESPN+ a seperate pay for view streaming service.
Even if you subscribed to ESPN/ESPN2 you would not get ESPN+. you have to pay the $5.99 extra for that.

Frustrating for US CFL fans, because now you have to subscribe to ESPN+ to get the CFL games that are not on ESPN2/ESPNNEWS. If you are a cord cutter it means that the CFL games on ESPN2/ESPNnews are no longer available.
Confusing? yes and it means that CFL football is available to fewer in the US


ESPN did not drop ESPN3; it is available. ESPN shifted the CFL games from ESPN3 to ESPN+. Yes, it's to draw more money from traditional subscribers.

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I thought ESPN3 was dead. Confusing
I cut my Directv subscription and no longer get ESPN or ESPN3

Vs Hamilton
spits at ground


Ya remember back in 2019 when you had Ricky Ray night at your home opener and the Cats squeaked out a 64-14 win ? :grinning:

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I liked it more when Toronto had fans.

It was a healthy rivalry.

Now I'm afraid of losing any remaining Argo fans. Like an endangered species. Don't look one directly in the eyes in fear of spooking them.

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It was a fun rivalry. You never knew how things would go down when travelling to Toronto - you could either gloat after a win or get told to get back to your smelly city and sulk on the Go train home after a loss. Experienced both many times but there is way less animosity these days between the two sets of fans and the games don’t seem to carry the same weight or sense of fun. The last time I really felt a great rivalry was the 2013 Eastern final. Not sure that will ever be recaptured with the league’s current profile in TO.


Well you are not totally wrong here - they almost killed it because there is not jack crap on there any more anyway.

It's also buried in your cable menu under the On Demand.

That seems to be the consensus! :crazy_face::grinning:

High School Football Coach in Louisiana. Started watching CFL two years ago and got a full season plus playoffs in with Bombers winning Grey Cup before Covid took away last season. Looking forward to a new season as a new fan. I've been looking for alternatives to the NFL by watching other leagues. I really enjoyed learning about and watching the CFL game. I really didn't have a team to root for, just enjoyed all the games. This season I have a new reason to pull for the Argos. RB Kenneth Dixon is on the roster, and hoping he makes the team. I had to coach against him for two years in high school as the opposing defensive coordinator. Incrediible young man and incredible talent. I will root for whatever team that gives him the opportunity.