New fan Argo advice

I have just started following the CFL this season and I am really excited.

I chose to support the Argos because they are the underdogs of the league.

Today I ordered a bunch of merch (free shipping to Texas! Yay!)

As a new fan, maybe some of y'all can give me some advice:

  1. what are the best Argo podcasts and websites/communities

  2. what are the best TV show

  3. if there was one home game worth flying to Toronto to see live, which would it be?


Y'all want advice there Tex ? Here's mine... Don't waste your time cheering for the Argos .

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Now now let's give him a chance. The Argos and the CFL needs more fans like him.:beers:


LOL . Ya I know , I'm just pulling his chain . I personally don't give a flying fig who he cheers for . Besides it's true the Boat Anchors need all the support they can get . :anchor: :rowing_man:

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:beers: Looking forward to the season to start.

When is August 5th happening :sweat_smile::joy::beers:

My advice is to wait to see when they open things up more in Ontario especially coming such a long distance .


I would then pick a home game against Hamilton or a game on a Saturday afternoon in the fall .

But that's my own personal preference .

The weather this summer in Ontario has been wet and stormy way more than usual .

I would want to be under the roof as much as possible but you could probably move around anyways as seats seem to be plentiful if you did choose them low and close to the field .

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15 days and counting !!! It's time to go pound the Peg . Payback is a bitch and I can't frigging wait . :grin: :+1:

Right on, you’ve chosen wisely. To answer some of your questions:

I would say if you’re going to go to one Argos game, make it a game against our rival Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

Welcome aboard and feel free to PM me. I’d be happy to grab you a pint if you do come up for a game.


Welcome Texas Pete - yes best bet would be to check out an Argos - Tiger-Cats game. If you can make it across the border the Labour Day Monday game in Hamilton is a huge tradition and would be a great experience, just not sure if you’ll be able to easily snag tickets. There is also Friday, Sept.10 in Toronto which should be a decent time of year. Or you can check out Canadian Thanksgiving Mon. Oct.11 in Hamilton which hopefully will also be a sellout.

Next summer there should be a return of the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) right beside BMO Field in Toronto. It’s basically a huge fall fair with midway rides and sometimes you can pair admission with entry to an Argo game. Don’t know your situation but if you are coming up with kids they would have a blast there.

Anyway, glad you are interested in coming up, sorry to see you picked the Argos lol but any CFL fan is ok in my books. Cheers.


Not against my Lions you don't :joy::sweat_smile::beers:

Now now guys, team forums are supposed to be a safe zone. :laughing: Don't make me flag you.

Flag us ??? LOL . This is the most traffic this site has seen in years . :smiley:
There is usually nothing but tumbleweeds blowing around in here .

Ok ok I will be good, honest​:innocent::lying_face:

You probably made a good choice. First of all Toronto is going to be the easiest place to get to with direct flights from Texas. You won't have to rent a car, there are trains from the airport and trains that stop at BMO Field.
Some great deals on Argo tickets, $5cdn draft beer a pre-game concert at the Shipyards with $4cdn beer and burgers.
BMO stadium is an excellent place to watch sports

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Thank you for looking out for the forum user.

I enjoy the friendly banter! Everything said was in good fun and no offense was taken. It's like a night at the pub without the pub. LOL.

Tumbleweeds? I'm in Texas... I think I just saw one roll past... LOL

You have me really excited! That sounds like great fun. I'll keep an eye out for the COVID restrictions. Word on the street is that Canada will be allowing vaccinated people to enter the country without quarantine starting August 7th. I'll wait until then to start making plans. :slight_smile:

LOL. Well if that's the case then you're closer to Argo country then you think . :grin:

Yes wait until after August 9th, full restrictions in Ontario likely in mid - August.
We crossed into Canada in May and had to get a covid test before getting to the border, another covid test at the border, a 14 day quarantine and another covid test before leaving quarantine. We were policed by the county health and contracted security.

Thank you so much! I'll listen to the Fancast and get caught up. I'll be happy to have a couple cold ones with you when we go up there! I'll keep in touch and be sure to PM you.