New faces, Ray refreshed

An interesting article about the Eskimos. I know some have been questioning Ray's demeanor the last couple seasons, so it's nice to see him enthusiastic and refreshed. :thup:

It is refreshing for the organization as a whole and likely the biggest shakeup for any team in a long time. Not only is Ray refreshed, how about Kabongo shedding 70 pounds? Another player in the mix is OL Washburn looking for a job; I expect the O-line to be improved from last season and I think the running game will be key as the season moves forward. As for Duval being hired: This will help Schiavone improve competition wise knowing he has a veteran in camp looking for the same. Lastly for Duval: he should be proud that a team is willing to give him a chance and for that I say.................
Flicker, flicker, flicker - POW....POW......Once an Alouette, eventually an Eskimo. :rockin:

Yeah, I'm quite impressed with Kabongo. Good on him. :thup:

Well one hopes if Ray is refreshed he’ll be less lethargic, get to the line with more energy and timliness and throw with more purpose than the long arm, soft toss lobs we’ve seen in the past three years. we’ll see. but I see him as being a major problem with the lack of leadership on this squad. hope i’m wrong.

Dang, shedding 70 pounds takes commitment. Nice...

Very and Quite true. Refreshed is an understatement as the Esk's move forward. What are the targets when player movement starts to happen in the next few weeks. Paolo X has pointed out LB's as one target now that Rod Davis is out with injury. Getting Messam for nothing who was scooped up immediatly by Tillman/Reed. If Jerome excells (and I think Messam knows what he's capable of) in the games ahead, this could be the break through for Edmonton from a power back since the days of Blake Marshall. Can't blame Buono on Messam's release for what went down in TC at Kamloops, but I wonder now that he has seen Jerome perform that Wally could have? Whomever the Esks brass are talking to behind closed doors on a deal (may not happen) for one of our RB's is intrigueing to say the least on given players heading to Edmonton. Football talk. 8)
Blake Marshall; 6'1 - 230 Lbs.
Jerome Messam; 6'3 - 245 Lbs.

Why would you bring that up now? :stuck_out_tongue:

Back then you can't really blame Wally on getting out of the Lions as Quickly as possible. The point I'm trying to make is: now that Messam has showed results maybe Buono could have gotten something atleast for Jerome. Now at this point; it's a "STEAL" for nothing. I know, I know your're just puttin the :stuck_out_tongue: on poor oldbacker@clarke. :frowning: :wink:

I was just poking fun at Paolo since he got upset when I mentioned Messam's past. :lol: He's producing right now, and I hope he keeps it up. He and Bowman have surprised.