New Faces at Practice

In the battle of the yellow jersey Maas looked good today, King was rather ordinary Chang looked good as well… Maas seems to have regained some of his zip back…

I thought King looked pretty good Halfthedistance, if anything I thought he looked better than Maas.

Setta's punts were very strong today. Maas' deep ball and zip was very good today. There was a great deep ball today and just after it happen we were all like...'who threw that?" and it was Maas.

I agree with whoknows. The 2 players that I was most impressed with were Maas and Setta. It looks like Maas is healthy again and besides his zip and accuracy, he won all 4 sprints in his group at the end of practice. Setta was hitting some deep kicks and had great hang time on his punts.

I never knew Karikari had been released either. I remember reading that he commanded a salary of about 140 000$. So I predict he was an SMS victim.

From where I was standing in 2 outta 3 attempts he completely missed his receivers at close yardage threw behind or too far from them

You sure that wasnt "2" (Butler) and not "12" King?

Butler was horrid.

LOL I agree Butler WAS horrid… but no… it was #12 King

There was one he threw into the dirt on purpose - his reciever couldn't/wouldn't get open.

yeah karkari was available due to argos salary limits, if you can believe that.
i like this guy and they may even start him at corner besides safety which will give us even more import space to play with. not sure where that leaves auggie and mariuz as far as starting with the canadians playing the dline and shaw or karkari starting too.

I watched Karikari at practice yesterday just to see how he reacted and how he fit in and I noticed that he did a lot of listening and did what he was told to do. I've heard a lot about him being a "head case", but if he does what is asked of him and doesn't start with the princess routine we've seen from others in the past, I'm good with that.

can't remember where I read this, but my understanding is KK was released by the argos due to salary considerations.

Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's true.

Well they knew his salary when they traded to get him. It was just last year that Montreal won the bidding war for his services against Winnipeg. So, if they knew his salary was outside their budget, why make the trade in the first place? Still seems to me that there's something here that we don't know.

To be honest, I don't care if he was a nightmare to other teams(I'm not saying he is because I don't know) as long as he contributes I'm happy he's here.

I'd first like to thank those of you who first posted here to this thread on who the team brought in. When I first read here on Sunday afternoon that Karikari was there at training camp, I could not find any information anywhere else on the web about Karikari being with the team. Not on CHML's website. Not in the transaction section of Not in any of the places where one can find actual breaking news. So it look like these forums can sometimes be where you hear about breaking news first... as long as it's not referred to as "breaking news." :slight_smile:

As for why the blue team traded for Karikari only to release him later on, I'm not sure what happened there. I don't know what may have happened between the trade for him and his release. But remember that the blue team traded Stokes to get Karikari, and I understand they wanted to dump Stokes' salary anyway. I was expecting Stokes to get released because of his salary, but instead the player they got for him got released.

But why he became available does not matter that much to me. I just think it's great to have him here, that's what matters. He is one of the kind of players I'd say we needed to acquire this off-season.