New Faces A Little To Late!!!

I love the fact that the bombers are trying to change the setup of the team and improve. But anybody else thinks its too late for that. Why didn;t we do this at the uhh beggining of the season. Hopefully these changes can help us in the future but i think it is done for the Bombers :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: .

it's too late to save the 75th season, but this will be intreresting to see how these new guys do in the last few weeks.

does it really matter how well they do? it’s obvious these are nfl rejects, which i have no problem with if they’ve got talent, but if they do, they’ll probably try the nfl again next year and we lose out again. how many players have come mid-late in the season, made an impact or impressed only to be gone after season?

name some players who did that AND stayed with their respective teams for the next season, i’m curious???

Do forget that famous Winnipeg punter got cut form a shit load of NFL and CFL teams untill he played for the BLUE! and he single (no pun intened) hadly won the 88 GC for the Bombers.

if you don't take a look at new talent do you improve.....taking off for the something we have to learn to live with in this league.....unforunately... :roll:

don't get me wrong, i'm not against nfl cuts - it's a sad reality! they have much more to offer in terms of financial rewards than the cfl can offer, but i'm happy to say, things are improving with the cfl. i just hate seeing someone who makes us go "wow" and then lo & behold, they're gone next season! ..... but again, i guess there's not much we can do about it.

you gotta at least bring them in to have a look see........they definitely waited too long to do so but who are we to say, were just the fans who pay the salaries.......Cheatwood is back, Ray is back, Dickenson is back, Dominguez, you could go on, there are several guys who forget the nfl once they get a taste for it and just enjoy playing the game, those are the guys you hope to find.